IMG_6471IMG_6442IMG_6486-EditIMG_6416-EditIMG_6337IMG_6323At the moment, this blog has ceased to be so much of a writing outlet as just a way to keep track of Josephine’s babyhood. I have really loved looking back on the details of Catherine as a baby, and I want to make sure I document things for Josephine, too, even though that has proved harder with two. That said, here are some photos from the first few weeks home with our new family member. The ones above were taken by Laurie, and I will treasure them always. The ones below are other random ones I took with my iPhone.

I haven’t found this newborn stage to be nearly as difficult as I remembered Catherine’s being. Josephine is a good sleeper, and usually just wakes either once at night or when I wake her (since during those first weeks, they need to be fed at least every 3, then 4 hours). With Catherine, I couldn’t really relax until she was in bed at night. But this time, I’m a little wiser, and I realized that those first few weeks when they just sleep all day are amazing, and after putting Catherine to bed (sorry Catherine!) Chris and I would watch our grown-up TV and just cuddle with Josephine until we went to bed. At one point, both girls were napping and I was luxuriously cooking dinner, and it was so quiet, Chris and I looked at each other and said, “This is almost too easy.”

Of course, we knew that would pass, when Josephine started being a bit more demanding. 🙂

Here are some iPhone pics. I’ve enjoyed every single second of this beautiful little brown-haired baby girl.