You’re four months old! You’ve become an easy, laid back, sweetheart of a baby.


At four months, you took your first trip to Cape Cod. Though the weather was breezy on some of the days, I made sure you were warm and blocked the wind in the pack and play with sheets, and you napped wonderfully in there while Catherine and I dug sand castles and your Daddy got his fill of body surfing.



It was more difficult that we’d remembered, having you at the beach as a baby. You’re best enjoyed at home. 🙂 One of my favorite times of day with you are mornings, when you are still sleeping, and then you wake up in a great mood and ready to snuggle.


Another thing we love to do together is take a walk outside in the stroller. When I put you in it, you get excited. You prefer I keep the shade down so you can look up at the trees as we walk by the Hudson. Usually you fall asleep. In the picture below, you’re holding your Cape Cod souvenir. 🙂 It’s legs are crinkly and it has a little bell inside. You love to chew on its legs!


We’ve also started taking a little music and dance class with two of your baby friends! I also happen to really like their mamas. It works out. 😉 You like the class, but by far your favorite part is lying on the floor and looking up at the rainbow parachute we lift up over all the babies. Here’s you with your adorable buddies Jane and Emma, in a photo Jane’s mom took!


I couldn’t imagine a sweeter baby than you. Your daddy, Catherine, and I are more delighted with you than we ever could have imagined!