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Yet another terrible pic. I really need to remember to get Chris to take some pictures of me when I am actually dressed.  I am disappointed in the number of photos I have to document this pregnancy when I am actually presentable and smiling at the camera.  But, at least I am taking something, so I can see the progress.

Baby’s Size: She’s apparently the size of a mango this week.  Now, how did she go from the a spaghetti squash to a mango?  A spaghetti squash is double the size of a mango at minimum.  These fruit and veg comparisons are silly, I tell ya.

So, let’s go with, she’s about 11.5 inches long, according to Baby Bump.  I can’t remember how long the doctor said she was when we went last week.

What I miss:  Okay, I’ve got a genuine one this week.  I started a new job as a copywriter for a digital agency.  The agency culture is definitely one of building camaraderie over drinks (during and after work).  However, I, of course, can not drink.  Nor do I feel like going out to bars after work right now.  Nor will I feel like doing that when I have a newborn at home waiting for me, either.  So, it does sadden me a little to think I’ll be missing out on this aspect of bonding with coworkers for some time to come.  My life is definitely in a different stage, now.  And I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to let that go.  Then again, maybe I am.  I want a good healthy social life with great friends, and I know people do this with children, of course!  I just won’t be hopping on the Fur Bus anytime soon, I suppose.

What I don’t miss: Drinking.  Yes, I’ve said I missed it from time to time.  And it’s true that a tropical drink in a lounge chair by the ocean somewhere would be AMAZING right about now.  But on Valentine’s Day, after hearing plenty of trustworthy advice that the occasional small glass of wine is okay, I allowed myself to have a small glass of cold, bubbly champagne.  I sipped it slowly while watching a movie with Chris.  It was nice!  But then, without even a buzz, I was done.  And I didn’t want anymore.  I felt ever so slightly disappointed with myself for having the champagne and breaking my fast.

Test number 2: It was my third day on my new job (yesterday).  My team was called into a meeting.  We’d just lost the client account I’d been hired to work on.  #$%@!  Despite promises from leadership that we had some big projects “in the pipeline” and to try not to worry while they figure out the implications, naturally everyone was worried, and immediately, the entire team left, dragging me with them, for the Irish pub next door to begin drinking their sorrows away.  It was 11am.  I nursed a small glass of white wine, while my new coworkers pounded beers.  I didn’t enjoy the wine.  I felt it wasn’t even worth it.  So, I think that will be all for my wine tasting while pregnant.  Maybe, if I’m out at a really nice dinner and I want a nice glass of wine, I’ll have a little.  But I guess alcohol wasn’t all I remembered it being, and my enjoyment of it was certainly dampened by the feeling ingrained in me that pregnant people aren’t supposed to drink.

About my  new job – well, I was immediately put on some pitch work – and that’s how I’ll spend my Saturday (awesome).  Despite this chaos, I absolutely love the agency and the people so far!  And considering my condition, I am praying everything works out.  I can truly say that even though I haven’t discussed it on this blog much, I have had THE craziest career life since becoming pregnant.  It’s not what I thought work would be like while pregnant.  I thought I’d be settled into a nice cushy job with great benefits and some stability.  Instead, I’ve chosen/been forced into rocky, unpredictable, constantly having-to-adapt environments where all I can do is put my head down, work hard, and do this while still being excited about my baby to come.

I have to say – despite my occasional breakdowns and frequent complaints, I think I’ve handled it very well and I deserve to be proud of myself.  It isn’t easy to search for and start new jobs while experiencing first trimester flu-like symptoms.  So, this Mommy is patting herself on the back.

Who knows, maybe this is good training for how flexible and adaptable I’ll have to be when our daughter arrives.

What I’m looking forward to: 1. Everyone at work knowing about my pregnancy (I have somehow hidden it thus far) and just being my pregnant self with no apologies.  Make no mistake, the working world is not easy for pregnant women.  2. Deciding on a name!  We’re working on it slowly but surely – but will NOT be revealing the name until she is born, so you can ask but we are not telling. We strongly prefer it this way.  The name is a very personal thing, and I never anticipated I’d be so protective over it.  But, I am.

Best moment of the week: Hmm. There were actually some pretty great moments at work this week!  My first day, I took a walk and had lunch with some coworkers, and really enjoyed their company.  Then yesterday afternoon, as everyone was leaving for the weekend, I was getting put on a project and I kind of enjoyed the urgency of the situation.  I tend to thrive in more “urgent” work environments versus a laid back environment.  It gives me a sense of being on a mission and makes my work so much more rewarding.  So I hope there are more of those to come.

That’s all for now!  Have a good weekend everyone!

A few pictures Chris took while we were waiting patiently for our doctor (who has never been late before today).

Our baby was totally uncooperative and we didn’t get one good shot of her today!  However, the doctor did say she had long legs (77.5 percentile) which is not surprising considering Chris’s family members are all tall and so are mine for the most part.

We saw her spine, heart, brain, and stomach. The doctor said everything looked excellent.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Okay, maybe to some of you 21 weeks is early to have a crib and dresser.  I guess you’d be right, actually.  But if you knew how many weekends and hours were spent searching for the perfect crib and dresser, you’d understand why I felt like bells should be ringing and trumpets sounding when we placed our order today.  Now, our focus can shift elsewhere.

Here were our requirements for our baby’s crib.  It had to be affordable.  It had to have some sort of craftsmanship to it (even if it was cheap, it had to look thoughtfully and well put together).  It had to be white (my requirement).  It ideally would come with a matching dresser that was also affordable, well made, and would fit perfectly in the space we have planned for it (you know – the “nook”).

As with any search for a thing that is both nice and inexpensive, it took us a while to find just the right thing.  We went to almost every baby store in Atlanta and scoured the Internet.  What we ended up with is very basic-looking.  But we’re happy because it’s well made, classic, and fits perfectly where we need it to…and I’m happy because it’s white (not cream).  Did we spend too much?  Of course (though certainly not as much as many people!).  It’s our first baby.  We ignored all the advice and our own realization that years down the road we might very well look back on this highly-considered purchase and laugh.  But for now…whatever!  We have a crib and a dresser (well – in 6 weeks we will)!

We bought this crib in white (not natural, as shown in the picture):

I looked at lots of ultra-feminine cribs, some with posters, some with spindles, some with carved flowers, some with pink accents, and some with high backs.  In the end there was something about the profile of this crib that looked classic and nice, plus it was cheaper than many others.

And we bought this matching dresser, without the changing station that comes on top.  We’ll use it to change her, but we’ll just strap a changing pad to the top.  She’ll be able to use this dresser until she’s 12 or so and decides she needs more grown up bedroom furniture.  Maybe we’ll get that for her 13th birthday, like my parents did for me.

I totally changed my mind about the whole yellow and pink thing, by the way.  Of course.  So don’t believe anything I say about our nursery colors until you see pictures of the actual nursery in our home. LOL.

Baby’s Size:  She’s………a spaghetti squash!

Weight Gain:  Who’s counting?

Symptoms:  Lots and lots of kicking and moving in there!  She gets bigger and stronger every day.  The movement is my favorite part of pregnancy so far.

Oh – has anyone heard of round ligament stretching?  I had, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.  But last night, while showering, I started to feel a dull ache (like period cramps) in my pelvic, abdominal, and lower back regions on the right side, which quickly turned to sharp pains.  As the pain got increasingly worse (I actually called Chris and laid down on the bed for a little bit) I started to feel worried (what if this was preterm labor; what if I was miscarrying?) but I also knew it might be this round ligament stretching I’d heard about.  So I texted my sister while googling like crazy, and between the two determined that’s exactly what it was, and it went away after about 30 minutes and I haven’t felt it since.  When we go for our ultrasound on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day!) I’ll ask about it just to be sure.

What I miss:  Long runs.  I’ve kept running throughout my pregnancy, though not as frequently as I did pre-pregnancy.  I gave up the 12 milers long ago though.  I run about 6 miles, around 3 days per week (as I say that I feel really bad and wish it were more).  But Friday, I headed out for my usual run and ended up walking home.  Something just didn’t feel right.  I was having that dull ache in my abdomen.  It wouldn’t go away, so I just walked home.  I know so many pregnant women run throughout their entire pregnancies, so I’m going to try a light run again and see how I feel.  In the meantime, if I’m not so lucky to be able to keep running, I’ll keep doing other forms of exercise, like floor exercises, swimming, and walking.  And I’m only going to be pregnant for 4 more months, so I don’t think it’s a big sacrifice to make for that short period of time.  I can’t wait to dress my baby girl up in her own little running outfit and take her with me in the running stroller, though!

What I’m looking forward to:  It’s a year and 3 months away, and not pregnancy-related – but I am looking forward to our wedding.  Our focus has been on the baby and my little sister’s wedding, since they’re both coming first.  But after all we’ve been through together, to have a day especially for proclaiming, honoring, and celebrating our love for each other will be so nice.

As I said above I am REALLY looking forward to taking our baby out in her stroller and showing her the world.  So much so that I’m inclined to take a stroller (which we don’t yet have) out with us when we go on walks.  I don’t know what we’d put in it… a baby doll?  Okay, that’s just weird.  But yeah, I’m itching to push her in her stroller.

Best moment of the week:  No doubt about it.  Chris coming home.  I have been so happy this weekend to have him back!  Last night, we were lying on the sofa together.  I’ve noticed that our baby will not be moving, but when you put your hand (even lightly) on my belly, she will kick where your hand is.  Now, how is she doing that?  Does she feel the warmth?  I don’t get it.  Anyway, I had Chris put his hand on my belly and sure enough, she started kicking.  And not just little kicks.  Like, karate kicks.  She was showing him what she could do!  We fell asleep that way.  These are definitely the moments happiness is made of!


In a few hours, I will be 21 weeks pregnant.  Time is going by too fast!

In a few hours (as in 22) Chris’s plane will land in Atlanta and all will be right with the world again.  I suppose I have grown accustomed to having him around and things feel totally off when he’s gone.  I do sometimes marvel a little at how I miss him, because I wondered if I would ever “miss” someone the way I heard other couples talk about it.  I’d always been perfectly happy alone, personally.  But, I miss him.  And he’ll be back in a matter of hours.  This means I need to sweep the kitchen.

In a few hours, all the clothes you see below which belonged to my niece and will now hopefully be used by my little baby will be put away…somewhere.

And finally, in a few hours, these guys (who I babysat briefly today) will be passed out in their beds.

Aren’t they the sweetest?  We love our Abby and Nolan.


Happy Midway Point!!!!!  As of Friday, February 3, 2012 we are 20 weeks pregnant, and halfway to meeting our daughter!

Here’s the 20 week rundown:

Baby’s Size: She’s as long as a banana.  This girl is getting BIG!  It’s so hard to believe.  Until she starts kicking, that is.  Then I have no doubt she’s getting bigger and stronger.

Weight Gain: Again, I haven’t even stepped on the scales.  I don’t want to know.  But I’ve gained weight for sure.  Still holding on to my regular jeans though!  They sit low so I’m able to get away without even having to use a belly band.  I’ll hold out as long as I can.  The goal is now to buy ZERO maternity clothes (aside from a belly band).  With spring not too far away, I’m hoping I can get away with belly-friendly dresses.

Symptoms: I’m a little more sentimental than usual.  I get (happy) tears in my eyes while watching sappy commercials or tv shows or looking at baby clothes.  Physically, I feel wonderful.  Full of energy and shedding the last of my food aversions.  The second trimester definitely is awesome.  For all you poor pregnant women in the awful first trimester, unless you’re a very rare case, you will feel better soon, I promise.  So hang in there.

Other symptoms?  Constant kicks and jabs coming from my uterus.  Our baby is a mover.  I don’t know if she’s moving because she’s mad, or just playing around, or what.  But she moves aLOT.  And I love it.

Also – my belly is getting bigger, as you can see from the pics.

What I miss: I can’t say that I miss this… but I was reminiscing the other day about a time in my life when I was single and lived alone in a little apartment in Atlanta.  During this time in my life, I was “the sole captain of my ship” and thought of no one but myself and Meeks.  My life was very full; I went out with friends during the week and on weekends, was training hard for triathlons, met lots of new people, cooked little meals for myself at night, had spring cleaning Saturdays, put whatever girly throw pillows I desired on the sofa, studied hard for the GMAT (which I aced), and just felt totally in control in general.  I will always be grateful for this time in my life, because I can say “no regrets.”  My life will now never be the same as it was then.  I can still have a rich, full life filled with fun and accomplishments of course!  I just won’t have the same selfish freedom.  So, I don’t miss this time.  I just look back on it fondly, with gratitude, and look forward to new (and even better) chapters to come.  As a quote from a little tea bag once said (and I never forgot it), “Love what is ahead by loving what has come before.”  Towards the end of my time in my apartment, I met Chris.  It’s oddly comforting knowing he knew me then.  Like he’s a connection to my past, and it won’t ever be so far away.

Best moment: So many this weekend, actually.  Chris has been in London for work all week, and won’t be back until Friday.  This weekend I headed down to Macon to spend some time with my sister and brother-in-law, and my niece Abby and nephew Nolan.  We had a great weekend, but a few things in particular stand out.  They are:

Superbowl Sunday – Mary and I went through Abby’s old baby clothes, and she sent me home with so much stuff!  It was very bittersweet looking through those old clothes.  I remember Abby wearing them so clearly.  It made me realize just how fast they grow up, and I wanted time to slow down.  I hope that seeing our girl in the clothes will give me a little comfort because it will be so sweet that these were a gift from my beloved niece to my daughter.  But right now it still makes me sad to look at them!  Anyway, it was nice to go through them with my sister.

After going through the clothes, Zach, Mary, and I totally rallied and between the three of us produced the most awesome superbowl feast.  We made grilled buffalo wings, caesar salad, spinach artichoke dip, corn dip, and chocolate chip bars.  Not very healthy, I know.  But delicious!  Laurie (other sister) and Joey (her fiance) came over and we all enjoyed watching the game and eating too much.

Other moments – Each morning, getting woken up by Abby (who is now almost 3 but acts much older) padding into my room and climbing under the covers with me to snuggle, before insisting I wake up and make her cereal.  I love her insistent, perceptive little personality.  She wears me out at times with her inexhaustible energy – then, as soon as I drive away I miss her like crazy!

Then there’s Nolan.  Nolan is 3 months old, but since birth has had the sweetest little intense eyes that appear wise beyond his age.  He is one of the sweetest babies I’ve ever seen.  Every time you walk over to him, his face just lights up!  He stares and stares at me and smiles so easily.  He’s a huge cuddle bug.  He’s happiest being held and snuggled.  As busy as the weekend was (especially with a 3-year-old in the mix too), I felt like I got to know him better and vice versa during my time there.

Alright – I’m anxious to get going and take care of some work I need to do.  Hope you enjoyed the update (if you made it this far, congrats!)!

You have to look closely, but last night for the first time I saw my belly actually move from our baby’s kicking and stretching.  She’s been kicking like crazy, all throughout the day, and Chris finally actually felt her (with his cheek; his hands are too rough to feel her little movements) 2 nights ago.  Sometimes, her kicks actually feel a little surprising and uncomfortable – like if I’m in the middle of a work conversation and she jabs me real good – I have to try and contain the surprise on my face because I know my coworkers would have no idea what just happened.  Anyway…I knew it was a matter of time before I actually saw her kicks.  Since last night, I’ve been seeing lots of kicks.  But I’ve only captured this one on video.