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photoIMG_9299Someone has been having a pity party this week.  But Friday was off to a promising start with a much-needed mommy meetup outdoors at a park near our house.  photoAhhh…other grown ups – and women at that!  And likewise I’m sure Catherine is thinking “other little people! yayyy!”

photophotoWe both needed – desperately – to get out of the house.


crJust a quick iPhone picture taken in Costa Rica.  That morning the fog hadn’t yet cleared from the water, so you can’t see that what’s behind the pool is a beautiful blue ocean with rocky islands jutting out of it.

But really, I’m posting to say, there’s so much to say.  Every time I come here I stare at the screen, stumped.  Nothing I say feels right, and I never know where to start.  There’s too much.  I read this somewhere, another mother saying she just had this feeling, that these are the good old days.  That’s exactly what I feel, every day.  You’re so cute, so hilarious, so perfect that it can’t possibly last.  I want to hold you forever just so on my hip.  Grab handfuls of your chubby thighs, so scrumptious I could eat them. Stare at your toothy grin until it has permanently imprinted its cuteness in my mind.  Every sleepless night.  Every peanut butter sandwich smeared all over the high chair.  Every diaper, every fistful of my hair in your hand, every scratch and scream and dinners out left uneaten…way more than worth it.  Ok… it’s time to get to work doing other things…