Figured I should document this since I loved looking back on Catherine’s for reference this go round.

This pregnancy has been similar to the last, and I’d be quite comfortable here in my third trimester except that I cannot stop burping after I eat. After many miserable nights, I finally realized that if I go to bed hungry I get a better night’s sleep. So dinner around 6:30 is the last thing I eat. I then sit on the sofa, uncomfortable, and burp for the next hour or so without stopping until it finally subsides, my tummy starts growling, and I drink glass after glass of ice-cold water – which surprisingly, I so crave that it almost feels as luxurious as enjoying a huge bowl of ice cream – until I go to bed.

Speaking of cravings. I FINALLY have some! And they’re the same as last pregnancy. I just want cold, watery things like watermelon, slushies, water, fruit, and more water. Oh, and peaches. I am also enjoying the taste of food a lot more, finally. For the longest time nothing really appealed to me or tasted good, and I’m not sure why. It’s only been in the past few weeks that I’ve enjoyed food again.

Other symptoms include trouble walking because I get braxton hicks throughout the day and feel like the baby could fall out at any minute, plus I get random sniper-like sciatic pains that shoot down my thighs and stop me cold in my tracks. Heartburn isn’t awful, and Tums take care of it right away.

Otherwise, I’m feeling just fine! I’m enjoying myself and find I feel better and happier this trimester than the two before it.