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From the time she was born – with a handful of exceptions – Catherine woke once at 3am to eat and again at 6am and again at 8am, give or take an hour. A couple weeks ago she stretched it to 4am and 8am, on her own…and I was SO proud and grateful to my sweet girl for taking it upon herself to ease her schedule toward a full night of sleep. Well, two nights ago she slept until 6:30am and then 8am…and last night she slept until 7am!!! (then was up for the day). And our pediatrician suggested we let her cry a little – ha! Catherine had other plans. I wouldn’t have done that anyway.

What a wonderful little baby Chris and I are blessed with!


This weekend was the first time we drove to see my sisters’ families in Macon with Catherine.  My parents met us there for my mom’s birthday weekend.  We’ve yet to go to Alma, and Macon is sort of the “middle ground” for us.  It was a bit chaotic and a short trip, but fun nonetheless.  I’m pretty tired, so I’m just going to share a few photos.

Baby and Daddy

Baby and Mommy

Grandmomma and Catherine

Grandpa and Catherine

Sweet little man is always on the go!!

Abby is such a little momma.

This is so incomplete, and I have other photos of our family that I’d like to get up, but I’ll have to get around to it soon because we’re so busy lately and right now, it’s bedtime.

Catherine is two months old!! Sorry, she was a bit of a grouch for this photo shoot – an adorable, gorgeous grouch, that is! And anyway, she has a very good excuse, thank you very much. She got three shots! And was running a low grade fever because of it. So mommy was a bit mean to try and force a photo shoot on the poor baby. But she handled it like a champ. Can you tell I’m a little bit in love with my baby? I know, already an obnoxious gushing parent. I constantly remind myself that all parents feel this way but it’s still an individual miracle to us that we made such a perfect little creature.

At two months, Catherine is constantly smiling when she isn’t sleeping or eating. She has started cooing up a storm, and tries so hard to mimic Chris and me! It is absolutely adorable!! She’s really trying to talk to us. We have full conversations! Almost every time I look at her she breaks into the biggest grin. She’s so, so innocent and sweet. Babies truly are amazing in this way. They’re just made up of pure good.

She has the deepest blue eyes that have been getting bluer recently. It seems she has my eyes, yet she gets certain looks on her face where she looks like a baby girl version of Chris. She has Chris’s browline, I think. And there’ve been times I thought she looked like my dad, and times she looked like Chris’s dad. It’s funny how babies look like their grandpas.

Well, that’s all I’m going to say for this post. We love our sweet, easy baby girl with her really intense stare and big happy grins!

Snuggling with her before bed 🙂

Well, it’s official.  We’ve decided on a wedding date and venue.  Our wedding will take place on May 4, 2013 (the anniversary of the day we met) at Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville, Georgia, at the beautiful ruins of an old mansion.  It will be fairly small as far as weddings go, consisting mainly of our (very large) families.  We both fell in love with this gorgeous and historical site, and now I’m having fun planning (when I find the time, anyway!!).

I’m going to start a wedding tab soon, with information for people about our wedding, accommodations, registry, etc.  For now, here’s a little inspiration for the vibe we’re envisioning.

Ahhh, this face! It’s SO far from a burden. It melts my heart. She is so innocent and sweet and when I look at her, all I can think is how she deserves the very best and I’d do anything to give it to her!

I know other parents feel the same about their kids.

All this time (throughout pregnancy and the postpartum weeks) I’ve mentioned here and there that others’ advice has bothered me at times. Well, I finally pinpointed what really bothers me, and it isn’t advice. I’ve been so grateful for so much of the advice I’ve received. It’s the “life is over once you have kids” stories – the people, the articles, the perspectives that proliferate on the web and in small talk and paint motherhood as martyrdom. And it isn’t that I am concerned I’ll feel the same or that the stories discourage me. It’s that I don’t want to be part of that talk. So many people joke about giving their kids away. They warn me how “hard” newborns are and how I’ll never sleep again and when I say “my newborn is not that bad” they say “just wait until she’s two.” But no. No, age two will not convert me to your group of complainers. Motherhood is hard, yes! But when are things not “hard?” When are you not challenging yourself somehow, whether through your career or relationships or an exercise routine or change? Having a baby brings a whole new set of challenges and there’s much more weighing on me “getting it right” because it’s all for her. But it’s no harder than life before. The things I worked hard at were never a burden. The choices I didn’t make weren’t sacrifices. To say that I sacrificed my “life” for motherhood is to imply that I have something better to be doing than raising my daughter.

Growing up, I never once heard my parents joke about giving us away. My dad took such joy in spending all of his free time playing with us. My mom couldn’t help but be involved in every aspect of our lives to make sure we were on the right path. They, and other moms and dads, do indeed have the most important job in the world – raising another human being – and the good ones deserve recognition and praise.

Oh sure, I vent to Chris and to friends and family! And yes – it is hard at times! But I just don’t find satisfaction in telling others about the burdens of motherhood and wearily shaking my head at what a martyr I am to be a mom. I’ve come to the conclusion that people just like to complain.

And that said, I must apologize if I’ve sugar-coated caring for a newborn on the blog. If I have, it isn’t because I desire to put on a nice front for you. It’s because I’m wary of giving the complainers something to latch on to. From this point on, I’m going to do my best to be very honest about the difficulties and joys of motherhood, but please know I would not change a single aspect of this “job” and I do not feel I deserve a hero cookie for the privilege of working, as my dad calls it, life’s finest gig.

Here is the moby wrap.  It works very well but is a LOT of material and a bit clumsy to get into position.
Versus the Baby K’tan.  Much softer, thinner material and much easier to put on.  Baby K’tan wins!

I think my daughter is beautiful and I sometimes wonder if I’m totally biased and blinded by love or if she really is an unusually cute baby.  Maybe it’s both. 😉

She’s a very laid back girl.  She lets us know exactly what she wants but doesn’t often resort to screams. She saves those for when she’s hungry or wants mommy NOW.  She likes to sit in her little seat or on her play mat and just chill by herself sometimes (though I always feel guilty when I’m not giving her my full attention, even sometimes when she’s napping I feel I should be holding her).

One of my favorite things is when she cries for me and I get to her and she stops crying immediately.  Then I pick her up and she snuggles comfortably into my chest and just lies there so relieved like that’s exactly where she wants to be, with mommy.  It’s the most peaceful, calming feeling.  Today I was super busy and felt so anxious, and I finally picked her up and settled into our rocker with her and everything just melted away, like Ahhhhh.

She’s the sweetest, coolest little baby and I have so much to say about her but so little time lately!  We’ve been planning our wedding. 🙂

To some, we may have done things backwards (baby first, wedding second) but I can’t imagine a wedding without our sweet little girl there to celebrate our new family.

I’m hoping I”ll get some time this week for all the other posts I want to write.  Until then, have a good week!

Catherine loves to take a bath!  I bathe her about every other night, sometimes every 2 nights.  I look forward to it because it gives us something to do (sometimes I’m not quite sure what to do to entertain a 7-week old) and I love seeing her face as she experiences new sensations, like warm water on her cute naked body.

If this is just the beginning, I can’t imagine the fun in store for me over the years as I get to see everything life has to offer through brand new eyes.