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an older one...

came across this pic…i love it, it says so much about our days. 🙂 We’re head over heels for our girl. 🙂


20130516-211601.jpgEating brown rice and kale with a fried egg – one of my favs. At first she threw it on the floor, but when she saw me eating it she began gobbling it up.



20130516-211652.jpgYep.  She drank kale juice and loved it.  Maybe it was because Mommy was drinking it, maybe it was because of the bright color.  I made it in the juicer following a Gwyneth Paltrow recipe for Best Green Juice.  8 kale leaves, a lemon (minus the skin), a hunk of fresh ginger, and a banana (she calls for an apple, i didn’t have one).

20130516-211741.jpgPreparing our dinner together. Catherine helped me stir and taste-tested.

20130516-211758.jpgOur lovely spinach pasta with pesto, cannellini beans, asparagus, and mushrooms. She ate…and ate…and ate…and ate!

It makes me happy to cook things she likes!  I love my baby!