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I thought I should introduce your father – here he is, with me in Seaside, Florida this summer.

His name is Christopher Carlton Cobb.  He is tall, handsome, and very smart and talented.  He’s nice to just be with.  But the best thing about him is his sense of humor.  No matter what kind of day you’re having, or even if you’re mad, he will always find a way to make you laugh.

He’s very excited, and nervous (like me), about being a parent!


your padres


After days of feeling sick at the thought of eating ANYTHING, I have found the perfect food.  Ice cream.  It doesn’t make me feel sick to think about it.  That’s all I can ask for right now.

As for all the spicy ethnic stuff I so love to make?  You know, panang curry, lentil stew with squash… as I type this, I want to hurl just thinking about it.

I came in last night from a marketing panel, and Chris had lit our lovely seasonal candles so as to cast a homey glow throughout our living room.  I was immediately engulfed in the scent of caramel apple pie.  I ran to the candle and blew it out.

Anything sweet, spicy, flavorful, or interesting is OUT.  Bland is IN. 🙂


Hi.  You are making me very sleepy.  I just want to lie down and sleep.  However, you are not making me sleepy in the morning!  Oh, no!  I am up anywhere between 2am-6am.

You are such a little thing in my belly. You’re there, but you don’t feel real yet.  When I lie down, I don’t put my hands on my belly.  I don’t think you’d feel them there, and I definitely wouldn’t feel you.  Instead, if I put my hands anywhere I put them on my boobs, because I’m amazed at how big they’ve gotten!

Will I be a good mother?  Will we make you happy?  What will we name you?  How fat will I get?

I have lots of selfish questions right now.  I’m so excited, and unsure what to expect.


your carrier


I don’t know you yet.  You’re not much more than a poppyseed, so they say.  I have mixed feelings about being pregnant.  I am worried about my figure.  I am worried because I didn’t have enough time to fix my flaws before you came.  And I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m scared because you are permanent.  We will be part of each other for the rest of my life.

But guess what else?  I wanted you.  My mind is saying “I’m not ready,” but my heart has been waiting for you.

This is all so new to us!  Here we go, baby!