This is a little letter to you from your mommy. I hope one day you’ll read it and know a little about yourself at 3 months old.

You’re a beautiful baby. Huge blue eyes and incredibly long (for your age) brown hair that I love to run my fingers through and just brush and brush and brush while you breastfeed. You’re a chubby girl too, with gorgeous little rolls that I could just eat! Everyone who sees you thinks you’re the cutest baby ever.

YOU love to TALK to people. You do not discern. Anyone who will talk to you, you’ll just coo and coo and try to engage them in conversation. I know it’s largely the age, but you just seem to delight in interactions with people, and you try so hard to talk, then get very proud of yourself for the sounds you’re able to make. It’s adorable and hilarious.

You also want to know everything that is going on around you. I try to hide the TV that Catherine is watching from you, but you strain your neck determinedly to see it. In the bathtub, you want to be facing the running water. Today I was trying to look at a magazine while feeding you, and you refused to nurse in favor of reading the magazine with me. You examined every inch of each page I turned, taking in everything.

I love to watch your face as you take in every new thing in the world for the first time. Pushing you in the stroller with the cover down, so the breeze ruffles your hair – your big eyes just look all around at the sky, the people, everything, with wonder. You are clearly enjoying yourself.

At night, you start off in your crib, then halfway through the night wake for a feed and snuggle in to bed with mommy for the night.

You and your sister take turns being my kitchen buddy. Sometimes while you’re napping Catherine sits on the counter and helps me; other times Catherine plays or watches a cartoon while you sit in your little seat on the counter and I talk to you as if I’m part of a kitchen show. It’s really fun to share my love for cooking with you. I let you smell things like limes, parsley, and peaches. I used to do the same for your sister when she was a baby. It won’t be long before you’ll be able to actually taste them.

Currently, it’s been very hot in NY – getting in to the 90s the past couple of weeks. So we’ve had to stay inside more than usual. But today I took a chance and we all went to the playground and you hung out on your favorite perch – my left shoulder, while Catherine ran through the sprinklers.

Josephine, you’ve far, far surpassed my expectations for what this experience with a second baby would be. I never expected to relish being a mother to two children so much, but you have made it so easy and fun. You’re utter perfection. I mean it. It’s so easy to see. We got lucky. Crazy lucky. We love you my little peanut.