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I told myself I wouldn’t buy a thing until I knew Girl or Boy. But excitement got the best of me and I had to buy a little ornament for our Christmas tree.  Our [unborn] baby’s first ornament.  I would have liked to buy something a little grander actually.  Something from Hallmark, perhaps.  But we live next door to Target, and they had this owl.  😉

Hurry up Second Trimester.  I am eagerly awaiting your arrival.


Before I was pregnant, I read a couple of pregnancy blogs (yes, I know, odd coincidence, but everyone my age is having babies right now apparently).  I liked one in particular that included a little list in each post that updated her progress.  I thought I’d do something similar with this one.  So, here’s my first list.

Pregnancy symptoms: Where do I start?  Exhausted all the time. Nauseated all the time. Have to pee all the time.  I could swear my heart rate has been up since I got pregnant – is this a symptom?  Extraordinary sense of smell.  Food aversions.  I would say emotional, but I was emotional before I got pregnant. 😉

Total weight gain: None – I’ve lost 7 pounds.

Sleep:  I want to sleep all the time – but I go to bed around 9 and sleep until 8 every night.

Baby’s size: Right now, he or she is about the size of an olive.

Baby’s sex: I don’t know – but we wish we did!  The thing is, I think about having a little boy, and I feel this thrill of excitement.  But I think about having a sweet little girl, and I feel the same thing!  We both genuinely don’t care G or B, but we want to know!

Cravings: Ugh. None.  More like, what can I stomach. And the answer is, people, PICKLES and ICE CREAM.  Yes, apparently the rumors are true.  Lately, I can also eat grapefruit each day without developing an aversion (so far) – this is a feat.  I can eat processed carbs.  And I can eat the things my mom used to cook for me growing up.

Aversions: Almost everything healthy.  My own cooking.  Life has a cruel sense of humor doesn’t it?  Always the health nut, I always thought I’d eat so well when I was pregnant.  Oh well, there’s always the second trimester. 🙂

What I miss: My energy. My healthy appetite.

What I’m looking forward to: Second trimester! When supposedly I will feel better! AND, of COURSE I am dying to know the sex of our baby!!!!!  I am itching to buy sweet little things for my baby and I just have to wait until I know if I’m looking for tiny pink dresses with flowers or itty bitty jeans and collar shirts!

Best moment of the week: Surprisingly, it wasn’t seeing the ultrasound – we were still a little in shock that day.  It was Saturday after the ultrasound, walking through baby stores with Chris and imaging ourselves with a little one. The excitement has really set in for us.

Alright, I’d like to explain my absence.  I have been so sick.  Every day for the past few weeks I’ve woken up feeling like I have the flu… and that feeling has continued throughout the day.

I envy people who got through their pregnancy without first trimester sickness.  And the term ‘morning sickness’ is a laugh!  I feel nauseated 24-7!

However – there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel!  I have learned to keep my belly full – it keeps me from getting too sick.  The past few days I’ve also felt a little better – still exhausted, as in, it’s sometimes hard to drag myself from the sofa to the toilet – but not as sick.

Feeling a little better has drastically lifted my spirits.  I went into a couple of baby stores on Saturday.  And boy did that give me baby fever!  Good thing I have a little one in my belly already cooking.

We went to the doctor for our first ultrasound last Wednesday.  Our next one is December 8, and I’ll be 12 weeks. We will be straining our eyes to see if our baby is a girl or a boy, even though I know it’s useless and we won’t know until at least January. But we can not WAIT to find out!!!

Here’s our first glimpse of our baby.  I am 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant here.