Well hello.  I fear I’ve failed you little one, where keeping a written record is concerned. Even though I’d said I’d document everything. But I do want to make sure to have the chance to chime in about things while you’re still safely tucked away where you began. I love having you here, and I have to say, this time, for me, the third trimester is the best trimester. We’re going out on a sweet note. Life is really, really good!

photo 4

photo 1photo 2Right now, we’ve just moved into a new apartment and we’re all settled in. We moved for several reasons, but one of the main ones was to have a home that made us really happy and seemed fitting to welcome YOU! We’ve found that! I’ll post pictures of our place soon. It’s sunny, cheerful, pretty, and just right for our family of four people and one dog.

Everything is washed. Your baby clothes – both new and inherited from your big sis, because I wanted to make sure you had plenty of your own new things too, and family and friends have been kind enough to give us lots of beautiful things, too – sheets, crib bedding, blankets, bouncer cushions, boppy covers, and everything else that will touch your brand-new skin.

New furniture is put together, and paintings and photos are hung – thanks to your Daddy, who doesn’t play around when it comes to taking care of things! Oh how I have loved hanging out with him these past few weeks, listening to music, and watching him work while he throws around plenty of choice words when things don’t go just right for a second. 🙂

photoOur hospital bags are packed and waiting, since as of Thursday, our doctor says it could be any day now (but I’m really, really hoping you hold out until your Grandmama and Aunt Mary get here [Aunt Laurie will be shortly behind them]).

Your big sister even has a bag packed, with a few special gifts and snacks. I want to make sure that she has some treats to keep her occupied and make her feel special, since you will be getting a lot of the attention that has always been just hers. She is so ready to meet you, and gives you plenty of snuggles and hugs through my belly, and asks me constantly “Can my baby sister feel this? [lighting stroking my belly] How about this? [rubbing harder] Can she hear this? [singing loudly] What about this? [whispering]” and points to different spots on my belly and wants to know whether she’s pointing to your legs, your head, or your bottom. She also likes to talk about the various things you guys will do together (she wants to rock and snuggle you and show you her toys), and things you won’t do because you’re too little (you won’t be eating ice cream with her just yet).

photo-2You’re joining a family that’s full of love and can’t wait to meet and get to know you. We can’t believe how lucky we are!

We will see you soon, my dear.

All my love since the day you were conceived,

Your Mommy