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I see this blog morphing into a Little Fingers Food blog.  Ha – I just came up with that name as I wrote that sentence.  I wonder if that means I should start a new blog?  Anyway, these days I’m all about creating food that’s 1) delicious 2) healthy 3) easy 4) adorable – in that order.  I guess it’d be kind of similar to Weelicious, except I’m not a 6-feet tall model who’s friends with Gwyneth Paltrow.  But I pretend to be friends with Gwyneth – does that count?


Anyway, this latest creation fits all of those categories perfectly. And it passed Catherine’s taste test – in fact, this might be the first time I’ve gotten her to eat eggs – so here we go. I’m going to provide the “recipe,” since it requires no measuring. I find writing down measurements really tedious.

Miniature wonton quiches

Preheat oven to 365 F.  Whisk 6 eggs and add S&P, cheese, caramelized onions, and any lightly-cooked veggie you like (I used broccoli).  Line an 8-muffin mini-muffin tray with store-bought wonton wrappers.  Fill each with egg mixture. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until egg mixture is firm.  Watch brunch guests look impressed, or your kids stuff their faces.



*I should note, if I attempted to come in from work on a weeknight and start steaming and chopping broccoli and caramelizing onions for these quiches, the battle would be half-lost.  Instead, the night before, after C went to bed, I took a few minutes to prep my veggies, making dinner the next night extra easy – an absolute necessity when I’m the only one home with a 1-year old on weeknights.



Has anyone else ever noticed that motherhood – well, at least the early years, since that’s all I can speak to – is filled with highs and lows that happen within seconds of each other?  One second your newborn is screaming her head off mercilessly in the backseat and you have to bite down on your hand to keep from screaming yourself.  The next you’re holding her, she’s sighing contented sighs between gulps of milk, and the two of you are happy, albeit on the side of the road.

Or like the other night, while I frantically sautéed some squash, one by one Catherine picked up her peas and released them from her outstretched hand to the floor, staring me down defiantly.  She banged her hands on the high chair tray.  She yelled at me impatiently.  If she’d had a whip she would have used it.  I don’t know what it is about crying and whining, but it’s got to be more effective than water torture.  She had me in tears.  And yet.  Moments later, she had her squash and was shoving it in her mouth appreciatively, all the while casting winning smiles in my direction.  And all was okay.  I made a drink and leaned against the counter, watching her fill her belly with good food.

Come to think of it, I guess it all depends on when Catherine decides to scream, and when she decides to stop.

Don’t think I don’t know how obsessive I sound 2 posts ago.  Gosh.  I’m fraught with anxiety.  Torn between audiences. But I’m not deleting the post, because I’ve got to let myself make mistakes on this blog.  Be honest about who I am, imperfections and all.  I’m going to write a lot of really, really bad stuff.

On another note – we’ve been eating lots of muffins around here.

Butternut squash muffins.  My favorite so far – truly delicious.

IMG_5693 IMG_5696 IMG_5710Blueberry coconut muffins.  These would be much better as pineapple coconut muffins…coconut muffins with chocolate chips?!

IMG_5774 IMG_5841Carrot muffins with dried pineapple.  Tasty but a bit dense – they were loaded with carrots so no wonder.

IMG_5851Fig bran muffins.  Good right out of the oven, but later, just okay.

IMG_5854 IMG_5855