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…what my baby girl just did. She’s been waking hourly tonight. I think her tummy might be bothering her from eating the sweet potatoes so fast. She is super attached to her mama. Well, I finally put her on her belly and lay down beside her to pat her back. The little stinker would lift her head, smile at me, lay it back down and inch closer to me. Repeat. She did this until she was practically on top of me. Her head was laying on my arm, intentionally. She showed me she can get where she needs to go when she has enough motivation. I do believe I have a cuddler on my hands! Either that or a baby who wants to pin Mommy down so she can’t leave. :)))


She LOVED them. Ate too much, actually, because now her tummy is a tad upset. Sorry baby!

I baked sweet potatoes for dinner last night and set one aside for her. Tonight I pureed it and froze it in an ice cube tray minus a little for her dinner tonight. Just thin with breastmilk and dinner is served!

IMG_3109I just had to drop in to say…what they say is true – we do love you more and more and exponentially more each day.  At times when the news on tv isn’t the best, I hug you so tight and thank God for you.  You are truly our most prized possession and we can’t imagine life without you.  Thank you for letting us be your mommy and daddy. It’s a pleasure and an honor, every second!

We took Catherine to see Santa today! She was not afraid but treated him like any other person. She just sat calmly on his lap, looking rather bored and unimpressed.
I was pretty happy to have a photo for this frame ornament I bought at Pottery Barn Baby. So excited about it!



She made a huge mess and we both took a bath after – but she had fun mashing the food and it was really cute to see her eyes light up when she sucked her avocado-covered thumb! She is also pretty handy with her spoon.



IMG_3064I said we’d wait until Catherine was 6 or 7 months old, or until she snatched an apple out of my hand (meaning when she told me she was good and ready in her own way). Well, I kid you not, she literally grabbed my half-eaten apple from my unsuspecting hand as we sat on our blanket at a “mommy meetup,” pulled it to her mouth, and sucked on it happily for about 10 minutes. This was a couple of weeks ago.

IMG_3068Then, at my cousin’s wedding(!) (Sara was SUCH a beautiful bride!) weekend, Catherine stared greedily at everything everyone ate and tried to grab food from my plate. This sort of thing has been going on for a while, and basically I just knew it was time for her to begin exploring the world of food beyond boobies…below, her first bite…

IMG_3032And the reaction…

IMG_3039I plan to make her food myself. Since I cook all the time anyway, it is really a no-brainer. I can easily set aside her food to puree before anything non-baby friendly is added to it (salt, sugar, etc.).

Something I did not realize before Chris gave me a “babyfood” cookbook is that I can easily make my own baby cereal instead of buying baby cereal from the store. All you do is process whatever grain you choose (I used steel-cut oats the first time because that’s what I had) into a powder, then whisk it into simmering water until it’s cooked through, then add a little breastmilk to thin it out. Voila! Baby cereal.

IMG_3040IMG_3060She ate it right up, much of it going on her bib of course. (BTW, the spoon is the one Aunt Terree gave me years ago for Christmas that just happened to have a “C’ on it!) Here she is looking for more cereal.

IMG_3076After that, we went to the farmers market and bought lots of organic whole grains – millet, farro, oat groats (sadly, the whole arsenic finding has me paranoid about my very favorite grain, rice! although I’ll still cook with it, just in moderation) – along with dried lentils and chickpeas. I am so excited about introducing her to the world of food and giving her the healthiest start possible! She had millet tonight.

My plan is to slowly introduce whole grain cereals and vegetables – butternut squash, zucchini, carrots, peas, etc. – and use fruits moderately. I’ll probably use bananas, apples, and pears to sweeten “stronger” veggies like beets. This is my plan, but we will see what Catherine has to say about it.
IMG_3072I just love her sweet face!