Oh my goodness! Aren’t you the best baby in the world, who smiles at and tries to engage with everyone, who laughs her head off at her big sister, who gets shy with and adores her Daddy, and who Mommy can’t stop kissing – literally – I just keep trying to eat you like you’re the most delicious strawberry shortcake.

These pictures were taken on October 8, when we were all dressed ready to go to the pumpkin patch – and then the rain wouldn’t quit and so we’ve put it off until the next weekend. So instead, we stayed inside and I made a pumpkin pie.

You’re holding you’re very first doll, named Louison, the way you like your dolls best. Upside down so you can chew on their legs. I searched and searched and found this doll and though she was perfect for you, because she has wild brown hair and what I have deemed to be violets on her dress. Below are you and Catherine with the first baby dolls I ever bought you. Catherine never cared much for hers, but you like hers and yours now. 🙂


Recently, Grandmama and Grandpa Kopp came to visit you and Catherine. It was a rainy visit, but we found a way to enjoy ourselves nonetheless. When it’s raining, I just tuck you into the baby carrier and take my umbrella and away we go.

Every Wednesday night, Catherine takes ballet. So while she’s in class, you and i hang out and peek through the window in the door watching. One day, if you want to, you’ll take ballet too!

Something new that’s been happening since you turned 5 months – and actually, since you got your vaccinations just over a week ago – is that your sleeping has changed. Before you were a great sleeper, went down easily, and only woke once to nurse then went easily back to sleep. Now, you’ve been very difficult to put down and you wake every hour or two at night. Mommy is so tired, Josephine! 🙂 This is you sleeping late after a rough night, then waking up happy you little rascal.

Today, the weather was considerably better – gorgeous in fact. Your sister had the day off school for Columbus Day, so we celebrated it all by spending the morning outside with my friend Anna and her kids (one of whom, Jane, is the same age as you). I really enjoy her company and her kids are pretty awesome too. You and Jane had a brief interaction. 🙂 Maybe when you’re a bit older you’ll be running on the playground together! Then we all walked home and I put together Catherine’s play tent and we all three played together inside it. Here’s you looking up at me from the baby carrier during our walk home with your as-always angelic little face.


And here are some new purple flowers that just came up. The park along the Hudson is a beautiful garden, and they’re always adding new flowers. The most prominent color since April has been purple, and it’s a little bit of why your middle name is Violet. So I rather think of it as your color. But you will decide for yourself what colors you like best. 🙂


Happy 5 months, Josephine Violet! You’re loved, loved, loved.