A blah thing:

My company lost a big account and so announced impending layoffs of pretty much everyone I work with. And yeah, they have no qualms about laying off an eight-months pregnant lady.

I’ve got some angry feelings about that, and some ideas about what to do about it, but what I really ought to do is see it for what it is – nothing personal, just a company looking out for itself and its bottom line, as companies do. And I can do the same. All we did was write spam emails anyway. Frankly, that experience wasn’t worth the money or time away from Catherine. Though, as with all experiences, it did teach me – and Catherine – some things and so was valuable in its own way.

I’m lucky to have Chris who has always been successful at his career, and allows me to spend so much precious time with my babies that, sadly, many women in this country don’t get to enjoy.

And on that note, here are some more good things:

  • We’re moving into our new, sunny, lovely apartment right on the water in a week.
  • Spring is arriving.
  • Shopping for fun new furniture and baby things is in progress.
  • My mom will be coming up soon to hang out and help me do last minute things before the baby arrives.
  • Catherine is about to be a big sister.
  • Chris and I are very close to meeting our precious new baby girl!

One thing I’ve learned from our wedding and this second pregnancy – both of which were SO carefully planned – is that the things you plan the most seem to go the least according to plan! I need to learn to roll with the punches and not ruminate so much. Life is short. I want to focus on the fun things and stop trying to anticipate every possible thing that could go wrong. It won’t change anything.

Well…more later!