It is 11am on a Wednesday morning. This very moment, I just discovered a rather large piece of a blackberry from my breakfast has remained lodged in my teeth undetected for the entirety of the morning. I’m trying to remember everyone I’ve smiled at today.

Also this morning, as I was packing Catherine’s lunch, I paused to give her breakfast. She requested cheerios with coconut milk. I gave her the cereal. She took a few bites and pushed it aside. She wanted cow’s milk. I understood because I’d found the coconut milk a bit thick myself. So I made her another bowl of cereal, this time with honey and cinnamon. She ate a bite then hopped down from her stool and ran away yelling “I Elsa! I Elsa!”  I finished packing her lunch. Homemade zucchini pizza, grapes, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, string cheese, and vanilla wafer cookies.

And last night, Chris and I watched three episodes of the Netflix docu-series Making a Murderer. It was actually very romantic until, having had a bit too much whiskey, Chris got the munchies and proceeded to chew an entire bag of peanuts loudly – which caused me to lift my head from his lap – which interrupted my shoulder massage. Oddly, the night before we’d watched four episodes of Making a Murderer, and he had a little too much whiskey then too, and upon taking a five-minute break from our show, I found him in the bathroom munching a large chunk of cheddar cheese. Normally I am in bed by 10pm, but this show has had me riveted, so I’ve been staying up late. Is this what he always does after I go to bed?

In other news, I’m five and a half months pregnant. And my cheese-munching hubby, our cereal-shunning preschooler, and I (with blackberries in my teeth), are pretty excited and happy about that. 🙂