What’s up with us:

Exciting things are happening! Obviously, we’re expecting our precious baby girl on or around May 7. This little girl was so carefully planned, and we almost can’t believe it’s happening just like we dreamed.

Naturally, we’ll need more space with two girls, so we’re moving! Hoping to stay in the same neighborhood if we can find something, but if not, we won’t go far. After living with a “home office” as Catherine’s bedroom, I’m excited to decorate and enjoy a true, sun-drenched bedroom for the girls with windows and a closet just for them. The things you sacrifice to live in New York.

Catherine will be starting public pre-k in the Fall, if all goes as planned! We have loved her wonderful little school she’s been in since I began working full time. They’ve taught her so, so, so much. But it will be nice to take advantage of the free public school system. The schools in our neighborhood are supposed to be good, and I’m hoping we’ll see equal quality. I never expected I’d get so excited about something like an elementary school.  But I’m hoping the school will be a community for us, with involved parents and extracurricular activities.

In other news, this summer we’re taking Catherine to Macon for two weeks to take swim lessons from the same woman who taught me. Then in the Fall, Catherine will start ballet. I guess our new little baby girl will be the tag-a-long. I remember the days of the baby k’tan well, and can’t wait to have my little snuggly bundle on my chest and carry her around with me everywhere.

I’m absolutely loving being a mommy.

Some pregnancy stuff:

Total weight gain: 15 lbs.

Pregnancy symptoms: I get a little tired still, pee frequently, and have some odd random pains. But the last of the morning sickness and exhaustion have finally left me, so I’m feeling amazing!!!

How big is baby: about a pound. She’s definitely getting stronger, I can tell you that from her kicks!

Sex: GIRL!

Maternity clothes. Yep. Nothing but. Rosie Pope maternity jeans are the best thing to happen to pregnancy since epidurals.

Movement: Lots of moving and kicks. I love it. It’s my favorite part of pregnancy.

Food cravings: Hmm. None really. The aversions are mostly gone, and I’ve been in the mood for clean foods like vegetable soup and berry smoothies.

What I miss: Running. Because I have marginal placenta previa and have experienced some spotting, I’ve been advised not to run right now.

What I’m looking forward to: Moving into a bigger apartment and decorating the girls’ room! Finding out what school Catherine will be going to in the fall (we find out in May). Being home with my two girls. Finally going to the hospital and meeting our new daughter.

Best moment of the week:  I didn’t go back to work from the holidays until Wednesday, so Tuesday morning Catherine and I braved the 18-degree weather and walked to Barnes and Noble. She brought me books and snuggled up in my lap and I read them to her. Then we went to the grocery store, and came home and I made pot roast. Sounds so simple, but those mornings together hanging out in our neighborhood are my favorite thing.