photo 3I was 15 weeks pregnant on Saturday. The last time I posted, I talked about feeling better. A day or two after I wrote that post, my symptoms came back full force, plus additional ones. No runs along the Hudson have happened. This pregnancy is not like the last.

The exciting news it that I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and though the baby’s anatomy scan isn’t until December 5, I’m wondering if I can convince my doctor to take a peek and see if this baby is a girl or a boy!

In other news, I’m just making it through work one day at a time and looking forward to every weekend and the upcoming holidays which will allow me to escape for a little while.

This is definitely my favorite time of year.

A few highlights from the weekend…

Saturday morning, Chris, Catherine, and I did our usual Laughing Man coffee run followed by the playground. Cat and I sat next to Keira Knightly and her baby Edie while we waited for our coffee, and Catherine and the baby had a little chat. Any time we go out and about in our neighborhood, we’re almost guaranteed to see them. I think this is neat, and being relatively new to New York, I’m very dorky about it, and I try to be the right balance of friendly and not intrusive and appear cool, despite the fact that, as you can surely perceive right now, I’m not.

Later we did a little Christmas window shopping, and bought Catherine a new tiny stuffed mouse to replace the one that fell out of her pocket on the way to the train, and a new Christmas ornament for the tree.

photoOn Sunday, despite feeling like my every move was an enormous effort, and wanting to collapse on the sofa for the rest of the day, I remained focused on the end desired results and managed to produce a big pot of the best chicken soup I’ve ever made, and an applesauce cake with caramel glaze.

So overall, it was a very nice weekend.