Well. The bump arrived a bit earlier this go round. I guess that’s the way second pregnancies sometimes go!

I’m officially in the second trimester. Right on schedule, I’m feeling much better. Still don’t like the smell of food, have an iffy stomach, and am in fact struggling to keep from lying my head on my desk right now – and it’s only 12:40. But…I know things will only continue to get better from here.

In fact, I’m hoping that this weekend I can go on my first run since I got pregnant. I’ll take Catherine in the running stroller Saturday morning, and we’ll run along the Hudson together and say hello to all the yachts, and then go get coffee and hot chocolate when we’re done.

Not much else has changed. We took Catherine trick or treating this weekend. She was so grateful and delighted the entire time. She’s been impossibly affectionate and sweet and wonderful these days. It’s hard to believe a creature can be so pure and perfect; she is truly ours to mess up. It’s fun to think about this next baby, and wonder how they’ll be alike and how they’ll be different. I feel like I love this baby unconditionally already. I’m excited to introduce her…him?…to our routines, adventures, traditions, and basically our world – and of course, I suppose the baby will shake things up a good bit. Six more months.