12-week ultrasound!

Yesterday morning, Catherine and I went to the hospital for my 12-week ultrasound. Everything looked great!  The baby is measuring perfectly according to my due date – May 7 – and it’s heart rate is just right. It was very active, jumping around and kicking and rolling. I loved seeing that.

Catherine was super in to the whole thing. She watched the screen intently, asking so many questions and excitedly pointing out when the baby moved. The ultrasound technician gave her five photos of the baby, and Catherine took them to school for the day and showed everyone “her baby.”

Later that evening, on the train ride home, she told a stranger “I’m gonna be a big sister!” and pointed at my belly and said “The baby is in there, growing and growing and growing!”

First Trimester Sickness

I’m thrilled the baby is healthy. But I am at my breaking point with the morning all-day sickness. Being at work all day has become so difficult I want to cry. You know that kind of sick where you wanna crawl under the covers and shake? That’s how I feel almost 24-7. And I’ve gotten increasingly desperate for a break from it.

The really awesome thing

Now that I think about it, it is a VERY good think I’m getting this first trimester over now. That means I will be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and all the fun activities and food that goes with it! I mean, I can’t imagine being this sick over the holidays! I wouldn’t even get to enjoy them at all! Instead, this will all be behind me and I can have fun with our families, play with my nieces and nephews and Catherine, make holiday crafts, go shopping and wrap gifts, see Santa, bake cookies, and feast all winter long because I’ll be in my second trimester and feeling amazing. I can do this.