Catherine is exuberant, outgoing, and has a sharp sense of humor. She gets sarcasm and she can take plenty of good-natured ribbing. She knows how to hang with the grownups, as I guess first children do.

She’s also incredibly loving. She wants to be as close to you as possible, get up in your face, look into your eyes, give you kisses and snuggle. She notices others’ feelings and responds with empathy and concern and love. She’s been this way her whole life. Even on the playground at a young age she would intervene when another child was crying and do her best to cheer him up.

She likes art and kicking a ball more than baby dolls, but she loves a good princess movie while wearing a princess dress and singing along. With passion.

This baby will have it’s own personality. It will be different from Catherine, slightly, or dramatically. Maybe it will be shy, or maybe it will prefer not to be held too tightly. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to get to know it. I have heard many moms on mommy blogs confess to worrying they wouldn’t love the second child as much as the first. I understand this is a real feeling many people grapple with. I know that sometimes the baby is born and they realize their fears were for nothing right away or in time, or sometimes they always do struggle to connect with the child as they did with the first. But I don’t worry about this at all. Maybe it’s because we spaced our children farther apart – they’ll be four years apart – but I am ready for this baby and I already love it and accept it for whoever it is.

I also don’t worry much about how it will affect my relationship with Catherine. I’ve always loved spending time with her, especially when we take our morning outings to get coffee and biscotti and play outside or whatever. It’s our thing. Because Catherine will be older, I think this baby will just be a welcome addition to our outings, someone we’ll enjoy together.

With a new baby coming, though, I just need to make sure I spend some time thinking of how I’ll respond to them both thoughtfully during stressful times, rather than reacting. I find that since I’ve become a full-time working mom, I’ve had much less time to devote to researching and planning how I will parent – and I think my parenting has suffered because of it. Short on time, I find myself less patient and more reactive. I need to get back to putting careful thought and consideration into how I parent. It makes such a difference and is so, so very worth it.

Bye for now!