I really don’t know what I’m going to talk about right now, but I have a rare opportunity to ramble on this blog and I want to enjoy it.

Catherine’s school is closed today, so Chris has her this morning while I work from a coffee shop close by, then I’ll have her in the afternoon.

I’m waiting on some feedback from work, so I don’t really have anything to do, which is a bit of a relief right now because I need every break I can get. The second trimester I will be such a different, less complain-y person – I swear!

My co-workers now know how I’ve been feeling. And I can’t help but feel apologetic. I think they must think I’m a whiner. I want to tell them that’s not who I am.

But I have whined and complained and felt like I was being tortured having to sit up at my desk at two o’clock in the afternoon when I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I think I could do it for a week. But eight weeks wears on you.

Yawn, snore!

I know! Let’s do one of those pregnancy run down things.

Total weight gain: None. I’ve lost six pounds. That’s normal for the first trimester, the pounds will come in the second trimester when I can eat normally again.

Pregnancy symptoms: Um. I believe we’ve covered this. 🙂

How big is the baby: Baby is a prune! Or a kumquat. Take your pick.

Sleep: As exhausted as I am all of the time, I’ve actually been having a little trouble sleeping at night. I get in bed around nine and pass out – usually – but I wake up in the middle of the night feeling anxious.

Sex: We don’t know. We’re thinking about whether or not we’ll find out or let it be a surprise until birth.

Maternity clothes: Not even close, but by the end of the day I unbutton my top pants button. I know this isn’t fat, because I’ve lost weight, so it is either me showing earlier than normal or just strange bloating. I really didn’t enjoy belly bands last pregnancy, so I’m hoping to go as long as possible before resorting to them. I will probably buy maternity jeans this time around. I managed without them last pregnancy, but it gets warm later in NYC, plus I’m due earlier in spring than with Catherine, so I’ll probably need some.

Movement: Now, of course they say there’s no way to feel movement this early. But I feel all kinds of weird movement this time. I am sure it’s the movement of other things, like my digestive system or blood pumping or something. But things seem to be changing and kicking into gear sooner this time, I guess because my body knows what to do and is doing it sooner? Ligaments stretching sooner this time, and so on.

Food cravings: None. I eat what doesn’t make me throw up.

What I miss: Nothing! I’m happy to be pregnant; I wanted this badly and I knew feeling like crap the first trimester was part of it! So to say I miss my energy or not feeling like blah would be like duh. I will say that I miss my morning runs by the Hudson. So pretty. I hope to resume them when the sickness lets up.

What I’m looking forward to: Second trimester. Shopping some for the baby. Our trip to Salem in 2 weeks. And visits home to spend time with our families!!!!!

Best moment of the week: Last week, the doctor’s call after my MRI, that told me I didn’t need surgery. And on Saturday, hanging out at the park with Catherine and Chris and Chris’s friend Anthony who came to the city from Alabama. The weather was perfect, and I was feeling good for a couple of hours! Then Catherine and I went and loaded up the stroller with pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, and colors from the farmers market, plus colorful maize, apples, and pears.