My first-trimester eating habits have been different this pregnancy from the last one. I still feel sick all the time, but having learned that an empty stomach is the enemy, I eat more than I did last pregnancy. And what I eat depends on that moment. At any given moment, everything will repel me except one thing that pops in my head that I feel I can stomach. Then I will seek that thing out. So there’s no way to plan ahead or bring lunch to work. I’m blowing all sorts of money buying random lunches every day, as I am completely subject to the whims of my body and that body is leading me on wild goose chases all over trying to track down the odd, often disgusting thing that won’t make me sick to think about. Even then, I can’t think about it, I just have to eat it, or I will start to develop the aversion before it’s gone. Once I’ve eaten a thing, I develop an aversion and it’s crossed off the list of possibilities forever.

Unlike last pregnancy, I do find that raw or lightly steamed vegetables (as long as I don’t have to cook or cut them) are easier on my stomach than something like chips or other carbs (which I ate last pregnancy during the first trimester). And same as last pregnancy, watery, low-sugar fruits like melon and frozen berries with fat-free yogurt are very kind to me. Any sort of fat, salt, or sugar totally grosses me out.

I can’t wait until the third trimester, when food starts to taste really amazing. I hope I crave icy, cold, fruity things like last time! Oh how I loved eating entire watermelons and slushies and frozen yogurt every day!