Hello, my darling! Welcome. To my womb, anyway. Don’t worry. I could never forget about you. I’m going to document your time in my tummy, just like I did for your big sister. Speaking of whom – Catherine, at 3 years old, demands quite a bit of my attention. So does work. And your daddy! But you’re always on my mind, and I steal moments to focus on just you. Like right now.

I found out about you in the public restroom at Hardings Beach on Cape Cod. It was too early to test, but I was so excited I made your dad stop by the store on the way to the beach for an early pregnancy test. I went straight to the bathroom on the beach! When I saw the faint little line appear, a big, happy smile spread across my face and I just stayed in the stall for a little while basking in my new, thrilling secret – YOU.

I’m just four weeks and 3 days pregnant. You’ve been with me a very short while. I’m a mother of two now. I love you already.

The next 9 months will be long, Baby – because I’m so very excited and ready to meet you, my angel.


Your Mommy