I just had to write about the night we just had, so I don’t forget it.  Chris has been traveling a good bit lately, and he’s actually going to be gone almost the whole month of October.  So I’ve been thinking of fun things for Catherine and me to do, so life doesn’t get all monotonous and overly routine – or lonely.  Ever since Catherine’s school got a lunch caterer (with me still supplementing and substituting to make it healthy and yummy to my standards), we’ve had much more time in the afternoons to enjoy each other, and fit in a little spontaneity.  So in the afternoon at work, I got to thinking.  It’s been rainy, dreary, and a little chilly outside all day.  What can we do…bingo!  I had it.

I picked up Catherine from school and we headed straight to Whole Foods.  Boy, when we walked in was she excited!  Her reaction to all the gorgeous fruits and vegetables in the produce section? “Ooooooohh!!!!”  LOL!  I mean, don’t you feel the same way when you walk in Whole Foods?  hahahaha.  Anyway, so we pickedout a couple veggies to cook later in the week. Some corn and squash, two of her favs.  Then we headed to the buffet.

This girl was so hungry, she kept pointing and oohing and ahhing over the buffet selection.  We loaded up a container with buffalo- and chicken-fried tofu, chicken and rice, cooked chopped spinach, mac and cheese, and black eyed peas.  Oh, and their famous tofu chocolate pudding and a cinnamon roll for dessert.  Then we headed home, put on our pajamas, spread out blankets and pillows on the floor, put on The Velveteen Rabbit movie, and had a comfort feast and snuggle-fest.  We both could not possibly have been happier unless Dada had been there.  You could clearly see that Catherine was enjoying our night as much as I was.  She wriggling with excitement as I put spoonful after spoonful of mac and cheese with spinach hidden underneath it in her mouth.  Then she would turn around and look at the movie, then turn around and wriggle for another bite.  By the time she was done eating her belly was so full she looked like she was about to pop.  I mean, who could not love Whole Foods comfort food, a pallet on the floor, pjs, and The Velveteen Rabbit while the dreary rain comes down outside?

Loved this night with my girl.  Hope we have a million more like it!