Yesterday was your first day of school. I returned to work full time and we are trying out a brand new school near my office. Long story, but while I was doing part time work, I set your nanny up with another family with the intention of a) giving her stable work and b) sharing with that family once I returned to work. But the family changed their mind, they didn’t want to share. Juliana made it clear she wants to be with us and would leave the new family in a heartbeat for you! But while we search for a family to share her with, we thought we’d let her continue with the other family and try something new – just try – just for now! I worried you’d be lonely without another baby to entertain you. You’re such a social girl. You seem to love school so far! I miss Juliana a lot though. And it goes without saying I miss you even more! Work is great so far and honestly, I can’t wait to get my first “fulltime” paycheck in a long time! Catherine, I haven’t written here in a while because we’ve been busy – but you are a total delight to us every day! Our life could not possibly be better. So many new and exciting things! I purposefully wrote this using my iPhone so I’d keep it short – because mommy needs a little rest before tomorrow.