IMG_5360_2You’re one.

I think we got lucky.  Because you have one amazing little personality – stubborn, good-natured, goofy, loving, affectionate, playful, energetic, determined, expressive, charming…these are all adjectives that describe you.

IMG_5361As you continue to grow, we hope we never forget your one-year-old self – standing up, holding on to the kitchen cabinet handles which we’ve tied shut to keep you out, staring up at us with an impossibly adorable look of frustration and pleading….or smiling joyfully with all your tiny teeth, without any question the most beautiful sight I have EVER seen….pointing to a dog, fan, fish, or tree and trying to say the word…upon hearing music, immediately beginning to softly sing, dance, and snap your fingers (something you haven’t quite mastered)…I could go on and on forever about you, our baby.

IMG_5331As I write this, it suddenly hits me…you’re one.  By some definitions, you’re no longer a baby but a toddler.  I can’t quite comprehend this.  I don’t know when it happened or that it has completely.  You seem somewhere in between to me.  That’s probably where you’ll stay, for me.  No matter how old you get, you’ll stay my baby…my first baby.

IMG_5364To celebrate, we spent yesterday with friends and family, eating a banana cake with strawberry frosting I made with your favorite fruits in mind.  Today, we’re flying out to Costa Rica for a week – our first real vacation as a family!  The first of many, many vacations to come!

Happy First Birthday, Catherine!