We had such a fun day today!  Even though her birthday isn’t technically until tomorrow, we celebrated Catherine’s first birthday with friends and family today.  The kids had a blast, Catherine played her little heart out, and Chris and I enjoyed spending time with each other and loved ones.  Unfortunately a lot of the pictures are in flash, but I’m hoping to get some other ones from Chris’s dad too.  Here are just a few before I start packing for tomorrow!

James and Margaret drove up all the way from Mississippi just for the party. We were so glad they came.

IMG_5390 I was really happy with how the decorations turned out. We didn’t over think it, just ordered some pretty paper things and didn’t try to be too theme-y.
IMG_5408 It was very important to me to make Catherine’s birthday cake!  I mean what kind of mother would I be if I claim to love cooking and baking and come from a mother who has made me a birthday cake almost every year of my life if I didn’t make Catherine’s FIRST birthday cake?  Luckily after a lot of work it turned out well (ok, a little sweet but still good).  It was a banana cake with peanut butter frosting layers and fresh strawberry frosting on the outside. Kind of like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…on banana bread?  Catherine’s kind of cake. And her first taste of cake.
IMG_5411 Sweet Catherine. She had SO much fun today!!! Which was the whole point.
IMG_5421 A birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy.
IMG_5425 IMG_5449Catherine noticing the personal pan cake coming her way.IMG_5473

Boy was it a hit. IMG_5475 IMG_5499 IMG_5508 IMG_5510 IMG_5551

Playing with Nolan and Abby.

IMG_5578Something not going her way?IMG_5583

IMG_5592 IMG_5606Want to turn a frown into a smile? Just sing If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!

IMG_5615 IMG_5620 IMG_5624With Aunt MaryIMG_5626.

Sweet Mary Claire was such a good baby all day.