20130423-231046.jpgHappy 10 Months Baby Girl!!  Oh my goodness, the cute things you do.  I haven’t had a chance to go through all the photos we’ve taken with the camera – but I took these quickly this morning right after you had another “first.”

We were reading books, and I was pointing to different things – nose, bird, tree, etc – and naming them.  In the past week you’ve developed an utter fascination with ceilings, and fans in particular.  You stare in wonder at the ceiling.  So I suddenly said “Where’s the fan?” to see what you’d do.  You immediately threw your head back, looked right up at the fan, and pointed your arm straight as an arrow, with confidence, up at the fan!  I was amazed!  I had no idea you understood not only the word “fan,” but also that I was asking you where it was!

We love you more than ever!