Has anyone else experienced this?

I began drinking coffee when I moved to Spain for 6 months during college and they had those amazing espressos with cream that I have never tasted here in the U.S., and I’d been drinking coffee ever since (thought I quit a couple times for about a week, only to resume drinking it) until.  Until I gave birth to Catherine.  Yep, I drank coffee in moderation, but daily, throughout pregnancy, and always felt a little guilty but if you felt like you’d been hit by a semi truck but still had to drag your flu-symptomed, barfing body out of bed and go to work every day you might drink it too.

But then.  The second I had her I couldn’t drink it anymore.  And I still can’t.  Just the taste makes me feel a little funny, then my head starts to hurt and the worst part – I get super anxious.  When I go out of town to visit family sometimes I drink it.  At work, on very rare occasion I have a little in the afternoon and I always deeply regret it.  I had an espresso this afternoon.  I think my experience this evening has been enough to cure me for a long, long time.  I felt like I was about to jump out of my skin all afternoon, and still do.  I feel so on edge and panicky, for absolutely no reason.  Yeah, I have lots to do but nothing that warrants this feeling.  I just wonder what it is about me now, after having a baby, that can’t handle coffee.  My entire body is tense.  My head hurts.  I’m not going to drink coffee anymore.  I can’t complain, I always wanted to quit and now I have.

So yeah, has anyone else ever suddenly not been able to drink coffee anymore after having a baby?  Fat chance I know, but surely I can’t be alone.