20130210-211610.jpgI made Ina Garten’s Company Pot Roast for dinner this weekend.  It’s my second time making it.  We rarely eat meat so when we do it feels extra special, not that I don’t cook plenty of good vegetarian meals, but you know, it’s something different and traditional.  The first time I remember thinking “I need to make pot roast” after about 2 years of being vegan was when Kate (sis-in-law) made one and it seemed so comforting to have in the crock pot.  The second time I thought “Yep, need to make pot roast” was when I came in to the smell of my momma’s roast with potatoes and gravy.  Finally, momma came to visit and we went to the farmer’s market where she bought fresh horseradish and told me it’d taste good on oysters or roast beef.  So I made pot roast and took her advice and it was delicious.

Catherine had homemade lentil stew. 🙂