IMG_3988You, my dear, are with your nanny Juliana.  You see, I got a talking to, because we were supposed to transition.  You were supposed to go twice a week for a few hours, gradually increasing the time, until I go back to work 3 days a week beginning February 11.  This way, you and Juliana have time to get to know each other before Mommy must leave you for such long periods of time.

But Mommy is experiencing a bit of separation anxiety.  I would pick you up early – hours early.  And drop you off late.  And Wednesday, I called and canceled because you were running a slight fever after your vaccinations (secretly high-fiving you because I wanted to keep you with me anyway!).  That must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Juliana.  She told me we needed to discuss her working conditions.  She told me she thought we’d agreed to “transition.”  That she is worried about you not taking a bottle or taking your naps because you’ve not had time to build trust.  I understand her points.  So, that brings me to where I am now – my favorite coffee shop!  I used to come here when I was pregnant with you, and happily type away while you kick-kick-kicked me!

To be honest, it’s something I’ve missed.  I’m not sure how long you would sit patiently in your stroller while I write and ignore you.  However – we did stop by here after our run on Tuesday.  I got a tea and I got you a little plastic cup and straw with filtered water.  I thought, we’ll see what she does with it.  We sat down at a little table and I held you in my lap and let you put the straw in your mouth.  To my delight, you sucked on the straw and water came up into your mouth and you swallowed it!  I almost jumped up out of my seat and held you up like the champion you are and shouted “She did it! She drank out of a straw for the first time!”  But I thought, no need to cause a scene.  So instead I just praised you quietly, saying “You did it! You did it, Catherine! You can use a straw! What a big girl!”  Your response?  To smile without looking at me while still holding the straw in your mouth, meaning you understand that I’m praising you and it makes you a little shy but you like it and I can tell you’re proud of yourself when you do that.

The above story just goes to show life doesn’t change so much after one baby.  I mean, I love you wayyyy more than I love myself.  I’d do anything – I mean anything – to make you happy.  It’s so natural to want to fly to the moon and back for you.  So in that way, things have changed.  But you fit right into life with your Daddy and me.  Except life is so much richer now.  We have everything we ever had, but soooo much more.  I still go to my favorite coffee shop (even if only for 20 minutes) – but now I’m sharing it with my little buddy.  And I see it in a whole new light.  It’s not just a place where I go and sip my usual caffeinated beverage, and it’s – for now – not a place where I disappear into a world of writing.  It’s a place where new and exciting things happen for the very first time – like drinking out of a straw.  Suddenly the clanging of cups and the whir of expresso machines are more interesting because because you’re interested.

—Okay…hours later…

Just as I was in the midst of this blog post, I got a call from Juliana because Mommy left you will milk but no bottle!  So, I raced home, grabbed a bottle, and brought it to Juliana. Now you’re napping and I’m writing again.  And now you’re awake… 🙂  So this is how life has changed, too.  🙂  Never a finished blog post, never a refined piece of writing.

While I have a few seconds, let me mention your 7-month doctor visit stats:

15lbs 12 oz (30th percentile)

27 inches long (75th percentile)

He said you’re ahead of the game with motor skills and sitting!  That’s because you can sit up very well and use your hands very well while sitting.

You were a complete charmer while we were there.  You hammed it up so much that your had Dr. Elliot laughing!  You kept flirting with him and goofing off, trying to get attention.

I mentioned our current eating schedule – 5 nursing sessions/day and 1-2 tbsp of solids that I make myself for dinner.  He said it’s perfect.  I asked him if you were missing iron because you don’t get storebought rice cereal, which is fortified with iron.  He said nope, because the soluble iron you get from my breastmilk is so much better.  Now, we will begin giving you breakfast and then lunch as well, after your milk, so you fill up on milk first.

I told him about Juliana speaking Spanish with you.  He said that is WONDERFUL because it will make the language part of your brain all the stronger.  I have also been teaching you bits and pieces of sign language.  As a language person, this is my contribution to you.  I hope you don’t ever ask me to help you with math.  We will have to find a math tutor for that, if you need one.

I told your doctor about you waking up at 3am.  I didn’t tell him about you sometimes waking up at 11, 3, 5, 6, and 7.  He said the 3am feedings must stop.  He said we have to put you down awake and let you cry.  Well, I put you down awake now since he said that, and I let you cry but not too  much.  We’re easing in to it. You’re only a baby.  I do want you to begin sleeping through the night not so much for me but because I want you to have good sleeping habits for you.

Okay, your patience is done, going to get you out of your crib now…