Chris has been out of town this week, so it’s just been us girls – oh, and let’s not forget Mr. Meeks! After all, he’s been such a good big brother and only getting better.  Catherine has taken to grabbing his beard and yelling at him, and Meeks gives her lots of kisses.  But anyway, I was saying, Chris has been gone since Monday, and days get very lonely around here while at the same time being filled with nice moments.

Today, it occurred to me that the pet store in our backyard could be an “event” that was just as good as any zoo or aquarium!  And I was right.  In fact, it was better because it was quiet and empty and more Catherine-sized.  She loved it.  I didn’t take great pictures because I was more interested in enjoying the moment, but here are a few.  Btw, right now I’m thoroughly enjoying teasing my sister about getting my niece a “pet,” since the poor thing desperately wants one (it’s incredibly adorable) thus the hamster photo.

By far, Catherine’s favorite were the kittens!

photo photo photo She kept looking back at me as if to say “Mommy, are you seeing this??”photo photo


For dinner, Catherine had roasted and pureed butternut squash.  She loved it and ate it all up!

photoAnd I made a solo-sized eggplant parmesan with vegan “cheese.”

photoRight before Catherine went to bed, we read books together.  Catherine crawled off my lap into this goofy position.

photoWe miss our Chris, but we’re having fun.  I love my goofy girl and my little family.