When Catherine turned 6 months we started giving her solid food, but we were irregular about it because of holiday travel.  Now that we’re more settled, we’ve started feeding her a little something for dinner besides breastmilk.

Now, even though she shows interest in food, she strongly prefers breastmilk to anything else.  She will put almost anything into her mouth, and that includes food.  But when she’s hungry, she turns to the boob.

Still, things are looking promising.  I have purposefully held off on fruits, besides letting her suck on my apple and the occasional taste of banana.  I don’t want to give her mashed banana before she’s tried peas, or else the peas may be a little hard to swallow, right?  We’re slowly letting her try all kinds of grains and vegetables.  She will eat pretty much anything.  Here are the veggies and grains she’s tried so far:

sweet potatoes (huge, huge hit)







avocado (technically a fruit I guess)

Tonight, I gave her a piece of nori seaweed since I was chopping it and she wanted it.  She LOVED it.  I think she really enjoyed the crinkly sound and texture and how it dissolved in her mouth.  She got mad when it was gone so I gave her another piece.

Well, this has been your “solids” update.  More later when things get more interesting.