Coming down the stairs Christmas morning. So exciting!!!
Wyatt and Catherine getting a load of the gifts Santa Claus brought, while Lorene watches. That big contraption required 12 batteries! Which Santa forgot. Grandpa Cobb came to the rescue and came home with enough batteries to get everything working properly. 🙂IMG_3398
After playing with her Jam Session Catherine needed a little break in Mommy’s arms before she was ready to tackle the rest.IMG_3468

Catherine loved the wrapping paper, of course. She managed to eat some of it and spit it back up. But she LOVES toys and was pretty excited about everything she got.IMG_3418IMG_3428

Wyatt playing with his new toys. 🙂IMG_3478

Grandpa and Catherine playing with a fun toy he and Grandma gave her.

Grandma Margaret playing after things have calmed down.IMG_3512

Personally, as I sat there watching her open everything I was just thinking about how grateful I was to be there with her, with Chris, with my caring and fun in laws, enjoying a perfect Christmas. I really was filled with gratitude.IMG_3551