IMG_3658On December 23, you turned 6 months old.IMG_3678
Six months is definitely the most fun age so far!IMG_3656
This gorgeous dress is a gift from my Aunt Cackie at my baby shower.   The doll is your Christmas gift from Mommy.  It’s your very first doll, and her name is Bea.  She has blonde hair and blue eyes like you.IMG_3667
The older you gets, the more your personality shines!  You’re a happy, easygoing baby.  You have a sweet and cheeky sense of humor and tease us with goofy sounds and funny looks.  You cry hard and dramatically with no tears when you want your way.  You give strangers piercing stares.  But most of the time you have a big smile on your face. Even when you are drifting off to sleep in my arms you can’t help but continuously pick your head up, eyelids heavy, to give me big sleepy grins until you pass out.

You’re sitting up now, with the boppy behind you in case you fall back.  Never a fan of tummy time, you have devised your own method of getting from the sitting to lying position.  I call it the “stop, drop, and roll.”  I see you looking hard at the ground plotting your next move.  You throw your weight forward and then do a quick roll to the side so you end up on your back.  You seem very proud of yourself when you’re done!

IMG_3674We are pretty sure you have said your first words.  You say “mama” and look right at me, and you say it when you want to be picked up so we’re pretty sure you mean it.  But I’m still waiting for that moment when it is very, very obvious.  You say “dada” but it still is most likely just syllables you’re practicing – still, I’m pretty sure you know who we are talking about when we say “dada” based on your reaction.  Your other word is “roaaarrr!” like a bear.  You are very, very proud of this!  I taught you by pointing to the little bear on your block and telling you what the bear says.  Well, now you just love “roarrr!-ing” at me!  It’s incredibly adorable!!!

You still don’t sleep through the night.  You will wake up and either cry out a big “waah!! maamaa!” or if I’m in bed beside you, you will whine and scoot closer to me searching for my breast.  Yes, we’ve ruined you.  You sleep in bed with us each night and nurse throughout the night whenever you want, and each morning we wake up to your babbles, your chubby hand yanking on my hair or squeezing dada’s nose to wake us, and your pretty face waiting expectantly with its wide-open blue eyes, huge smile, fat cheeks, and perfect little chin.  Yes, I said chin.  Your chin is just so darn petite and cute!  We are totally, completely, head-over-heels smitten with you.  You couldn’t be a better baby!