Maybe the first time I fully felt like a “family” in the entity-ish sense of the word should have been when I gave birth to Catherine…or maybe when I became pregnant with her.  And I did, then, in a sense.  But tonight Chris and I were decorating our Christmas tree while Catherine slept upstairs in her crib when it hit me – we are a family!

When I was little I loved unpacking the ornaments and seeing their familiar faces – hey, there’s the melted glass pill bottle with the blue bead inside that momma made when she was a little girl!…oooh here’s the clay candy cane I made in kindergarten that broke and had to be glued back together!…etc.

In just three and a half years Chris and I have managed to collect ornaments with sentimental value and that surprised me.

There are the first ornaments we bought together, our first Christmas as a couple.  We bought them all at IKEA, and at the time I considered them just silly filler ornaments since we had none, but I since realized that ornaments don’t have to be purchased one at a time at boutique shops to be special (though, that is nice too).  The fact that we bought them together and have the memory is what makes them special.

There’s this one, bought after Chris proposed to me. Very special. 🙂

And this one, bought at Target when I was pregnant with Catherine, with her in mind, before I knew if she was a girl or boy.  So really, it’s her first ornament.

And this one, one of many Hallmark ornaments given to me by my Grandmomma Newberry, who was a big influence on my and one of the reason I value such things in the first place.

And this one, not even intended to be an ornament but instead part of the gift wrapping from my maid-of-honor gift at Laurie’s wedding.

And this one, purchased at the Chattanooga Aquarium where we took Catherine when she was just 3 months old (she slept the entire time).  That was a fun, random family trip we took.

And so on. 🙂 So anyway, I’m feeling very grateful and I have to say, Cobb Christmas Kickoff, as it will from this point forward be called, was very successful at putting Chris and me in the Christmas spirit!