When Chris and I went on our last beach trip to Mirimar Beach the May before Catherine was born, we went to Walmart to buy a movie and some ice cream for a night in at our hotel.  It is one of my favorite memories.  I felt like an indulgent kid picking out all the ice cream I wanted and getting ready to snuggle in bed while watching a movie.  Naturally I fell asleep before the movie was halfway through.  The fun part was being with Chris, being pregnant, at Walmart, in the ice cream isle.  We ought to have gone out on the town, but instead we did what I really wanted to do – eat ice cream in bed.

Anyway, while we were there of course we passed by the baby isle, and Chris grabbed a yellow stuffed giraffe that sang the ABCs.  That giraffe has become one of Catherine’s favorite toys.  It’s her high chair companion.  It sits on her tray at all times and buys mommy a little more time while cooking dinner when she starts to get antsy.

I don’t know if it’s because of that giraffe or what, but now Catherine’s favorite song – hands down – is the ABCs song.  What’s more, she has a definite preference as to who sings it.  She likes it when I sing it, but she loves it when Chris sings it.  When we’re in the car and she decides to have a crying meltdown, Chris singing the ABCs is our savior.  He does it over and over again.  He has sung it in planes, in restaurants, in bed, by the changing table, from the kitchen while Catherine is upstairs in her crib, etc.  Here’s a video of Chris singing the ABCs on our drive to upstate New York for Kyle and Lisa’s wedding.

ABCs and Daddy = happy baby.