Baby Catherine is 4 months old today.  She’s an amazing and adorable little baby whose personality is shining more and more every day.  She has taken to sleeping in the bed with us and snacking on milk throughout the night.  Before, she was great at sleeping through the night in her crib.  Each night we say we will put an end to this before it becomes a habit, but every morning we wake up snuggled up to our little chunk.  It seems she is running the show.

I am loving these days I get to spend with her.  I don’t like to think about when I’ll have to go back to work and part with her during the day.  It’s just incomprehensible.

So, you know how babies make cute little googoo gaagaa noises?  Well, Catherine’s signature baby babble is quite unique.  I can’t possibly describe it, so I’ll have to post a video later.  It is basically a throaty “auuggghhhhh” sound that requires a serious, concentrated face and an open-mouth grimace. Hahahha.  I think she thinks she’s talking like the big people.  She seems to like the sound and be proud it’s her little trick she knows how to do.  This photo is of her actually making her little sound.  It’s so funny!!

She’s growing so fast!  She’s turned in to a little chunk and she’s so fun to hold and snuggle.  She’s nearly always happy, unless she’s overdue for a nap or a feeding.  Her big blue eyes are so serious and she has a steady, intense stare.  Her smiles are gorgeous!!  She’ll give most people a smile if they talk to her, but she gives mommy and daddy smiles alllll day long.

When she’s breastfeeding, there are time I’ve zoned out to the tv for a sec and I’ll suddenly look down and realize she has stopped eating and been staring up at me for who knows how long.  I wonder what she’s thinking.  Is she waiting for me to look down and notice her?  When I look, she breaks into a smile and buries her head in my breast as fast as she can, totally playing a game.  Or does she really find me that fascinating?

Last night, Chris and I were eating dinner and I said, “Chris, watch this,” not really knowing what would happen, and held a banana up to Catherine’s mouth to see what she’d do.  While cooking, I usually hold the vegetables I’m chopping to her nose so she can smell and lick them, but in the past she’s shown little interest.  Well, she went crazy over the banana!  She began to gum it like crazy and got all excited.  I quickly took it away because she was breaking off pieces of the banana and I didn’t want her to choke, and also because I’m not ready for my baby to eat big girl food yet! 😦

I can’t get over how sweet and innocent she is.  She is nothing but pure goodness.  She is so easy to please; all she requires is look in her direction to make her happy.

Sorry this is again so disjointed.  I spend my free time cleaning, cooking, or working and there’s just no down time.  My “down time” consists of snuggles and picture-taking and reading picture books and tummy time and things like that, so my hobbies have been put on the back burner for now, including writing.  In the future I will get back to it but for now I have accepted that my time to write is limited.  If I wrote I’d either have a house with laundry and dishes strung all over it (Chris cleans like crazy but he does not realize all that I do during the day to keep things put in their proper place) and we’d have no healthy nutritious dinner and instead be eating takeout and frozen dinners or something unhealthy all the time, and I wouldn’t have the time I do to soak in every moment while my baby is still a baby.  Well…enough of that, this was supposed to be a “Catherine at 4 Months” post, not a “when will I get time to write again?” post!

You know, I really wish I could capture every moment on this blog so I never forget all the amazingly cute things Catherine does, but I have to accept that I just can’t get them all here!