If I can recommend one app for pregnant people it’s Baby Bump. I’ve used it daily since finding out I was pregnant and I continue to use it every day now. The “June moms” have developed a relationship and we continue to chat and post pics and vent and ask questions and support each other. These are women all over the world whose babies were born in June. It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, naturally we share stories about our significant others and a common theme among some is men who dont enjoy spending time with or caring for their little ones. Theyre always too busy, meanwhile their babies are growing fast.

These stories really make me sit back and be grateful! Chris has a special relationship with Catherine. She loves him. When she hears his voice, even on the phone she is obviously excited smiling and her face lighting up (she doesn’t do this when others call). He cuddles and talks to her. The other night I was going to give her a bath and he said “I’ll bathe her!” and hopped in the tub with her, lol! He always asks what he can do to help and never turns down my requests for a diaper change or whatever. He’s a great dad and partner and that’s even more clear when I hear the stories of less involved dads. Catherine is going to adore her Daddy. 🙂