Chris and I have made some strong and wonderful memories going out to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at some of our favorite places in Atlanta over and over and over again.  We try to branch out every so often, but we always go back to that select group of restaurants that, time after time, gives us the same delicious food, perfectly poured drinks, relaxing atmosphere, and reliable service that make us love them.

So naturally, we’ve been gradually taking Catherine to all of these places.  One of the best things about parenthood is introducing her to all the things we love, and making her a part of the new memories we’ll make!

Here are a few of our very favorites.

Brunch at Flying Biscuit (just plain stuff-your-face scrumptious)

Lunch at La Fonda (fish tacos and margaritas of course!)

Dinner at JCT Kitchen (mussels, always) (before Mommy stepped away)

(and after Mommy stepped away)

Dinner at Fritti (for pizza and an elegant yet casual patio – although, you can’t really see her surroundings 🙂

 (so here’s Chris)

And finally, a couple of randoms. Yeah Burger.

And one of my old favorites – Highland Bakery. It’s so, so delicious – IF you can get in. So we stop by sometimes during our weekday runs for a baked good. 🙂

That’s all for now – gotta go!