Catherine is two months old!! Sorry, she was a bit of a grouch for this photo shoot – an adorable, gorgeous grouch, that is! And anyway, she has a very good excuse, thank you very much. She got three shots! And was running a low grade fever because of it. So mommy was a bit mean to try and force a photo shoot on the poor baby. But she handled it like a champ. Can you tell I’m a little bit in love with my baby? I know, already an obnoxious gushing parent. I constantly remind myself that all parents feel this way but it’s still an individual miracle to us that we made such a perfect little creature.

At two months, Catherine is constantly smiling when she isn’t sleeping or eating. She has started cooing up a storm, and tries so hard to mimic Chris and me! It is absolutely adorable!! She’s really trying to talk to us. We have full conversations! Almost every time I look at her she breaks into the biggest grin. She’s so, so innocent and sweet. Babies truly are amazing in this way. They’re just made up of pure good.

She has the deepest blue eyes that have been getting bluer recently. It seems she has my eyes, yet she gets certain looks on her face where she looks like a baby girl version of Chris. She has Chris’s browline, I think. And there’ve been times I thought she looked like my dad, and times she looked like Chris’s dad. It’s funny how babies look like their grandpas.

Well, that’s all I’m going to say for this post. We love our sweet, easy baby girl with her really intense stare and big happy grins!