I think my daughter is beautiful and I sometimes wonder if I’m totally biased and blinded by love or if she really is an unusually cute baby.  Maybe it’s both. 😉

She’s a very laid back girl.  She lets us know exactly what she wants but doesn’t often resort to screams. She saves those for when she’s hungry or wants mommy NOW.  She likes to sit in her little seat or on her play mat and just chill by herself sometimes (though I always feel guilty when I’m not giving her my full attention, even sometimes when she’s napping I feel I should be holding her).

One of my favorite things is when she cries for me and I get to her and she stops crying immediately.  Then I pick her up and she snuggles comfortably into my chest and just lies there so relieved like that’s exactly where she wants to be, with mommy.  It’s the most peaceful, calming feeling.  Today I was super busy and felt so anxious, and I finally picked her up and settled into our rocker with her and everything just melted away, like Ahhhhh.

She’s the sweetest, coolest little baby and I have so much to say about her but so little time lately!  We’ve been planning our wedding. 🙂

To some, we may have done things backwards (baby first, wedding second) but I can’t imagine a wedding without our sweet little girl there to celebrate our new family.

I’m hoping I”ll get some time this week for all the other posts I want to write.  Until then, have a good week!