Today, Catherine and I shared our very first real run together!!  It was quite a process to make it to the park – we’re still getting the hang of things.  But once we made it, I felt such a big sense of accomplishment.  And that was before we even started running. LOL.

Anyway, we ran for 50 minutes.  I haven’t had such a great workout since first trimester.  It felt marvelous! I thought I’d be in much worse shape after not having run in so long.

Now, people do say not to take babies out running until they’re 3 months old.  That’s because their little bodies are still so fragile and don’t need to be jarred.  But I feel very confident taking her out at one month, because I purposefully scoped out smooth sidewalks in advance.  Where I took here, there are literally no cracks and combine that with us having a BOB running stroller, and her ride is probably smoother than a car ride.

Yay for a successful first run together!  I hope this is the start of a great running partnership. 😉