Our girl turned one month on July 23, 2012.  I’ll spare you the whole “it went by so fast” thing because, of course it did.  It’s getting fun to see her little personality start to come out more and more, although she is still very much in the “eat, sleep, poop, cry” phase.

I tried to do a little quick photo shoot but she wasn’t feeling very cooperative.

It seems she has Chris’s mouth and my eyes, which makes me sooo happy that she has parts of both of us! But I know they do change so it will be fun watching her!

The white blanket she’s sitting on was knitted for her by her Grandma Margaret.  The blue and pink blanket behind her was made for me when I was a newborn by a friend of my Grandmomma Newberry.  The rattle – which Catherine totally loves and can hold and shake – was at my Grandmomma Newberry’s house and used by all the grandchildren, so I guess it was made in the 70s sometime…?  Anyway, my mom gave it to me and I love using it for Catherine.

When I said we loved Catherine instantly, that is definitely true.  But as we get familiar with her little face, we love her more and more every day.  The biggest thing is always feeling like I want to protect her from the world.  I am constantly thinking of how to make her happy and that’s my biggest goal now.

So far she might be living up to her sign, Cancer, in that she’s becoming a tad bit needy.  She does not want Mommy to put her down.  This is different from the first two weeks, when she appeared practically comatose while sleeping.  Taking this few minutes to write for my blog is the first break I’ve had since yesterday. 😉

Time to go!