Just popping in to say, my baby girl is smiling at me!  Three weeks old and she is definitely, without a doubt smiling at her mommy in response to seeing me or hearing me talk to her.

The first time it happened she was in her crib fussing.  I went to her and bent down close to her face to pick her up like I always do.  She saw me and her face lit up with recognition, then she broke into a smile in the middle of her fussing.  I still questioned it because she’s so young and I thought she’d be about 6 weeks before she started smiling for real.

But then, this morning I was in bed with her looking in her eyes talking to her and she smiled.  I told Chris excitedly what happened.  A few minutes later he was holding her and I came over and began talking to her again and he witnessed her break into the biggest, open mouth grin.  Priceless!!!!