Are you ready for this? Nine long months of agonizing over the possibilities and we have decided on our baby’s name. I hope she loves it.

Catherine Wellons Cobb

It is the name that came to me in a flash, just days after I found out I was pregnant (maybe even that day). I knew it was right for her. The months that followed were just a matter of convincing Chris. We played with so many beautiful names, and really struggled to narrow down our selection together…with me pushing the hardest towards a focal point – I felt so passionate about this decision I just couldn’t settle for anything less than a perfect name she would be proud of throughout her life.

Here’s why we love her name.

1. It was important that her name sound phonetically pleasing. Not only “first, middle, last” but also “first, last” since that’s what she’d most often go by. So every name we considered sounded poetic enough when said aloud. We like the alliteration in “Catherine Cobb” and “Catherine Wellons.” And I liked that Catherine was a bit more elaborate, Cobb being just one syllable.

2. You wouldn’t build a Tuscan villa in Southern, Spanish moss-drenched Savannah would you? Her first name needed to be in keeping with our ancestry. Cobb being a straightforward, English name, a name like Sophia or Esmerelda wouldn’t fit. Her name needed to be traditional all-American or British. So each name we considered didn’t clash with but rather complemented Cobb.

3. We wanted to honor family. It was difficult to choose, there are so many people we love and wanted to pay tribute to through her name, and so many of their names we love as well! At one point I suggested to Chris we give her four names instead of three! In the end, since she has the Cobb last name, she got Wellons as her middle name. Wellons is a strong name on my side of the family. It’s my sister’s middle name, my niece’s middle name, my grandmother’s middle name, and my great-grandmother’s maiden name. I love how it sounds when you say it out loud. Very soft and pretty. Catherine is my middle name, except it’s spelled Katherine. I personally like the “C” spelling a little better. It is softer and gentler. And I really like the uncluttered consistency of Catherine Cobb versus Katherine Cobb.

4. Her name will never date her. Catherine is one of the oldest names still being used today and is proven to have stood the test of time. The names on our final list were all original names dating back centuries or longer. I didn’t want a recently made-up name, a new spelling, or even a shortened version of a classic. Her name would be the original classic, at least on her birth certificate. If we wanted to shorten it from there, we could. In the case of Catherine, we won’t be shortening it. But her name gives her plenty of flexibility. If we’d named her simply Cate Cobb on her birth certificate, she doesn’t have as much flexibility, for example (even though Cate is a perfectly beautiful name).

5. Her name fits right in with her family. Chris, Helen, and Catherine (and Meeks!). Sounds good to me! As Chris pointed out, her name is almost a combination of ours, with the C beginning and the N ending.

6. Finally, I have to say something about where I got my naming preferences. I got them from my mother. She did such an amazing job of naming her three daughters. She gave us classic, though not necessarily popular at the time (aka, non-trendy), names. Helen Katherine, Mary Ella, and Laurie Wellons. She has impeccable taste in names, and I have always been grateful to have a classic, sort of “literary” name that ignored all trends and whims. I am grateful to her for my name! I really want my daughter to feel the same. So I did the best I could, and I hope we made the right decision.

We love you, baby Catherine.