Hello!  Baby ___ and I are sitting here in my very favorite coffee shop in the whole world, wrapping up some work and taking a minute to write this post.  Symptoms, baby’s weight, and all of those stats I’ve been posting aren’t much different from last week.  I just need to take a moment to say I told you so, so please humor me.

I KNEW my little girl would be late!  I KNEW it!  I said it from the very beginning.  I was too happy and comfy being pregnant, not to mention almost every pregnant person I knew went a little past her due date before going into labor or being induced.  But when two doctors at your practice, upon examining your cervix, tell you with such confidence she’ll be born by this weekend or tonight (respectively), you tend to believe them.  You rush around getting everything in order and making arrangements and getting yourself mentally prepared.  Then, you wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.

Suddenly, you find yourself in what Roy D. Mercer would call a “sit-chee-ation.”  I personally feel like I got all gussied up then stood up by my date.  I’m sitting at the restaurant alone, holding a rose and looking kinda silly.  None of this would have happened if I didn’t take my doctor’s advice verbatim.

But, anyway.  Here we are and she’s due today, but it’s okay if she waits a little while.  I would just like it if she comes on her own, without having to schedule an induction.  I’m so excited it’s the weekend, and I’ll have Chris to keep me company…and anyway, if she is born at 12:01am Saturday, I will be getting some amethyst earrings. 😀  And maybe that is what my girl knew all along!