The closets, dresser drawers, and bathroom cabinets are all perfectly cleaned, laid with fresh drawer paper, and organized.

The kitchen cabinets are neat and orderly and fully stocked, with everything in its place.

The freezer is stocked with washed, chopped, and blanched collard greens and kale.  It is also stocked with three different vegan casseroles, homemade pizza dough, homemade yeast rolls, homemade vegan blueberry muffins, homemade vegan cookie dough, various types of fruits and vegetables, two homemade vegan stews, fresh pasta, every kind of raw nut and seed you can imagine, and good sliced bread from the farmers market…among other things. (patting self on back)

The baby’s nook is squared away and stocked with everything we’re supposed to have for a newborn, and of course much more. (THANK YOU to all of our generous friends and family. I can’t imagine having to do this without you.)

We bought a cute, comfy rocker, and it should be in a couple weeks after she is born.

The baby’s clothes are all washed with baby-safe laundry detergent. (oh the power of marketing)

My toenails have remained freshly manicured for the past month.

Other things have remained freshly manicured as well. (thanks Chris)

We’ve watched all the childbirth, childcare, and breastfeeding (yes, Chris too) videos.

I’ve decided exactly what sort of feeding and sleep schedule I’d like to work towards.

The carseat is in the car.

Our hospital bags are by the door.

Even my cervix is 4 centimeters, fully effaced, and ready for action.

Now, we’re just waiting on two things.

1. Contractions

2. A decision on baby’s name!!