This will be brief, but I wanted to take a second to mention a few things I’d like to pass on to my own daughter, that I learned from my dad.

1. You can never love your children enough, there is never too much affection, and you can never tell them enough that you love them.  They need to hear it and life is too short not to love, love, love.

2. Sometimes, you just need to “Take it easy” and “don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.”

3. There’s a world outside of where we live that is worth exploring!

4. To be equally at home in a ritzy restaurant and in the back of a rusty pickup truck.

5. To feel compassion for people and be interested in them because they’re people, not because of how they can help you.

6. To see the beauty in simple, every day moments. These are what make life worth living.

7. To tell stories. To read. To write.

8. To be a generous, welcoming host(ess) to guests in your home.

9. That even cleaning the bathroom or laying mousetraps in the attic can and should be an adventure.

10. Sometimes, its okay to overindulge…it’s even okay to grab a brown paper sack and collect as much candy as you can from the gas station isles before 30 seconds is up…then go home and eat it.

11. The beach, the ocean, lakes, rivers – any body of water is restorative for the soul.

12. Know better than to trust a politician.

Well…there’s SO much more, but that’s my quick list!  I love you Daddy.